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Dual Boot 7/8 issues

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    Dual Boot 7/8 issues - Mostly solved!

    Hi there

    Hopefully someone has already experienced some of these issues and can save me some time as I haven't really been able to enjoy my new laptop yet.

    I bought an Asus N55SL earlier this week which came shipped with Win 7HP, I successfully installed Win 8 Pro on another partition and managed to set up the dual boot, however it's not without issues;

    When I've been using Win 8 and restart I get the blue dual boot screen, it seems like when I use Win 7 though and restart I get a black and grey dual boot choice screen. Its not a big deal but I'd prefer the blue one consistently. This is solved by setting the default OS to 8, that way the blue 'pretty' screen always comes up.

    I have an external sub woofer (sonicmaster) with this machine which works great in win 7 but although win 8 can see it I can't seem to get any sound from it (I actually thought I'd broken it for a while till I went back to 7 to double check). Proud of myself for finding this one alone - run the driver disk supplied by ASUS for win 7 under compatibility mode - ONLY select audio driver inc Sonic Master and ENJOY!!!

    This one still an issue:
    Files - I thought it would make sense to put my data onto a third partition so that I could point programs to one source - ie Thunderbird looks for my profiles in one place regardless of which ver I am running. BUT for some reason when swapping between OS I often get "You don't currently have permission to access this folder. Click Continue to permanently get access to this folder" which of course I do, but it doesn't seem to be a permanent fix. I am clearly listed under Security as an admin.

    I cannot seem to get Chrome to work under Win 8 without problems, either it will not install at all (current issue) although I did have it installed once but it would not run properly (so I uninstalled, thinking to reinstall it)... (for some reason I got this working today - yay!! 1 down...)

    Also - I installed win 8 from a USB which I then had to wipe to shift all my files, I now cannot find the correct link to download win 8 again to keep for repairs etc. I've seen a few links which _might_ be correct but I don't want to get it wrong!
    I have now created a 'repair disc' from within control panel, so this should suffice for refreshes.

    Finally, and most annoying - for some reason if I use my internet in win 8 I have a very high chance of crashing my router, yet in win 7 it's nice and stable. Surely the OS cannot affect the router? It's a Thomson TG585 v8 for what it's worth. ** I have applied several updates to my wireless card and connection program so I am hoping this may now stablise. I am also looking at replacing that Thomson router with a Buffalo AirStation N-Technology HighPower ADSL2 so if anyone has any views on this item I'd be glad to hear them (we have xbox, couple of windows laptops, plus several Apple devices, not usually ALL connected at once but we are in a rural area with a slow connection).

    To be fair to win 8 I think I might like it - if only I could get it all working enough to use it!

    Any and all help much appreciated!
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    Win 7 & Win 8pro 64 bit

    just been on Asus support download pages - there are a lot of driver updates for win 8, I just want to double, double check however - any drivers uninstalled in 8 will only affect 8 won't they? I'm not clueless but have never run a dual boot system before so want to make quite sure before I make a real mess of it!

    I will start updating some of the smaller ones in the hopes that some of these niggles may disappear but will hold off on bios and other 'major' drivers for now.

    >>>>>Have updated most things now apart from those I could tell were already running the correct version. I have eliminated the items I have solved, the others are still issues although the whole thing is running more stable now so I am hoping the wireless one may also prove to be fixed.
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    Win 7 & Win 8pro 64 bit

    Just as an aside - Yes I now realise I ended up putting this post in the wrong forum, hence I got no replies. However in some ways this was a blessing in disguise as I have managed to solve most of these on my own. It just goes to show - perseverance does pay off!
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Dual Boot 7/8 issues
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