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Is it possible to get rid of GPT in Win 8 system disk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by captnorm View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    This post seems to indicate it should work.

    windows 8 oem upgrade to windows 8 pro MSDN

    Are you sure you're using the Pro key?
    4. Click on "I already have a product key".
    5. Enter your MSDN Windows 8 Pro product key.

    Is exactly what I did, with the Technet (think same as MSDN) Win 8 pro key.

    I get: "This key won't work. Check it and try again, or try a different key."
    The Technet key & Retail/OEM full key will work OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by captnorm
    theog: Got a Fujitsu AH532. Amazing features at an amazing low price.
    Bit late now, but the Fujitsu A532 has Pro Preinstalled.

    Fujitsu Lifebook A532 Core i5 Windows 8 Pro Laptop VFY:A5320M3501GB - Laptops Direct
    That is a A532, I have a AH532. Mine definitely is NOT Pro. Besides, I don't see BitLocker in the Control Panel.
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    I just ran a test. I installed Windows 8 (standard) from MSDN, then used the Add Features dialog and entered the Windows 8 Pro key (Also from MSDN) and it worked just fine.

    This tells me that there's something different about your OEM install. What part of the world do you live in? What language? Is it by any chance an "N" version (without Windows Media Player)?
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    Guess if you start with MSDN, then MSDN upgrade is fine. Looks like can't cross with OEM.

    I'm in the USA, not N version (have Media Player).

    I talked to Fujitsu yesterday. Asked them if the product key is in the BIOS, he said yes. I asked if a BIOS reset would get rid of them, he is almost positive reset would not affect the key.
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    Thought I had it all figured out. Wiped GPT hard drive with WhiteCanyon wipedrv (erased all partitions, all data). Re-install Win standard (key codes picked up from BIOS), ended with 350MB NTFS System Reserved and rest of hard drive NTFS Win 8 MBR partition. Installed TrueCrypt, burned recovery cd... Reduced size of C to 60.5GB, rest will be for backups, Office, large programs as D drive.

    Started encrypting, got "Error: Content of one or more sectors on the disk cannot be read (probably due to a physical defect)" error trying to encrypt 60.5GB system drive at 74.991%. Tried a few times, errors at exact same %. Ran Spinrite 6, it reported no errors even with deep testing.

    I got Fujitsu to send me replacement drive (same model). Getting SAME error, same place, 74.991%. Reduced C drive MBR partition to 35.2 GB (minimum size my win 8 image needs). Got same error, same 74.991%. If i tell it to write zeros, get "incorrect function". Reboot and try to resume, same errors. I don't know of anything else I can try. Any ideas??? I am quite familiar w/truecrypt, have 3 other laptops with c partition encrypted (XP & Win 7) and lots of smaller .TC files. THANKS.
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Is it possible to get rid of GPT in Win 8 system disk?
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