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Relative Efficiency Discussion: Win8 and Win7

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    In Windows 7 the least amount of clicks per file is one and only it the file is saved to an open folder so as per #1 that would be 2 clicks. Open folder = desktop.

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    My take is this. When working with a lot of applications open and you have to change between those apps rapidly windows 8 really makes a difference. It is faster and more fluid when navigating provided you understand how to properly navigate in that OS. So as far as being able to quickly and easily move about and get work done 8 is better than 7 in my opinion.

    But as for 7 I think the reliability and familiarity of it make it worth sticking with vs upgrading to 8. There are a lot less compatibility issues in 7 than there are in 8. We are familiar with 7 so there is no learning curve at all. Basically 7 is a proven piece of software that works and works well.

    Would I recommend moving to 8? Only if you are willing to learn your software and drivers will all run without issue and you do the kind of work that warrants needing to save time.

    I love 8 and I wish I could better utilize it on my own system but with no touch devices and issues running some of the software I need among other things I just can't justify the change. Do I think they are on the right track with 8? Hell yes! But at the moment it wouldn't make sense to change. If 9 if that is what they call it follows the same path that vista/7 went on then I think 9 would be as great as 7 has been and could bring us into a new age of windows properly.
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    It would be really interesting if you did the sort of efficiency analysis that I suggested in post #1 WRT the app switching situation you describe. Assuming you wouldn't need to use the Win7 start menu, or have a 3rd party substitute for it on Win8, then I think you could reasonably use the desktop on Win8 to carry out the Win7 part of the efficiency analysis.
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    I haven't done any actual analysis, but just speaking generally I would say that if the tools you use are Microsoft Office or other Desktop apps, the most efficient way to use Windows 8 is to put icons for everything you need on your Taskbar or Desktop, and then when you turn your computer on, just go to the Desktop and stay there. There's no need to go back to the Start screen unless you actually need a Metro app, which I seldom do.

    There's a way to streamline keystroke Desktop access down to a single 3-function key, using just the tools that Windows 8 provides. I posted about it a few weeks ago:
    I found a way to improve the Show Desktop feature
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    I think you are right, probably never better off using metro in the context you mention. Thank for your thoughts and your link.
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    Very interesting thread,znod, In my case all of the productive programs are in desktop, so I use Win8 as a desktop.
    Win 8 is "one size fits all needs" my need is a desktop. I do think in my case Win8 is an improved win7.

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    Glad you like the thread. Efficiency analyses are painful. For one thing, you have to decide what is placed where on the start screen (i.e., everything can't be placed within "immediate reach") and what efficiency increasing things are done on the desktop (e.g., what desktop icons are placed on the desktop).
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    Win7 seems to have fewer key strokes for me to do the same things that I was doing in Win8, but that may be due to my unfamiliarity with the new interface and lack of keyboard shortcut knowledge.
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Relative Efficiency Discussion: Win8 and Win7
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