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WHat is the best version of windows 8

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    Winodws 8 Pro With Media Center

    WHat is the best version of windows 8

    What is the best version of windows 8

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    Windows 7 Ultimate / Windows 8 Pro

    It all depends on the user and what you required, If you compare the versions only minor difference in between.
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Windows 8 Ultimate.

    That's what SiSoft SANDRA picks my W8 Pro/WMC setup as.

    And it basically IS.

    I like, I'm happy.

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    Win7 Ult on DIY; Win8 Pro on MBP/Parallels; Win7 Ult on MBP/Boot Camp; Win7 Ult/Win8 Pro on HP

    Quote Originally Posted by philip95 View Post
    What is the best version of windows 8
    Pro, for the majority, me thinks.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by philip95 View Post
    What is the best version of windows 8
    I think it will be Windows 12 Pro with the ability for sfc /scannow to go online & download the stuff to fix ANY problems.

    That was a joke.Sorry.
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    Your question is very legitimate and it deserves a legitimate answer.

    Versions of Windows 8 may seem complicated but they are quite simple if explained cogently and in some detail.

    There are several ways to buy Windows 8. But first let me explain that Microsoft has a variety of promotion offers currently which are expiring soon. These range from a cheap upgrade for Windows 7 users who bought after June 2012 to on line downloads for $39.95 to Beta user upgrades, to factory installed W8 on new computers to, W* upgrades from W8 regular to W8 PRO to upgrades from previous such as Vista and XO, to upgrades from W8 factory regular install to W8 Pro, to Builders license.

    It seems that after January 31, 2013 you can forget about the cheap, advantageous come on pricing. Windows 8 will sell for $199.

    To answer your question succinctly I will have to say that based on my experience and observations that a W8 download on line for $39.95 is a serious mistake. I have read about many problems. Normally you have only one or two options in stores such as Costco, Best Buy, Staples. Windows 8 PRO upgrade from a previous version such as W7, Vista, XP, 98. Or W8 upgrade from W8 regular *( factory installed ) to Windows PRO. For normal use Windows 8 is quite adequate. Win 8 PRO contains much encryption and other features not normally interesting to the home user. *( You can't buy W8 regular. It only comes pre-loaded with new computers ).

    So to boil it down your best bet, if a home casual user, and no professional business, is to buy the Windows 8 Pro version *( upgrade from previous version ) at you local supplier such as Costco $66.95, Best Buy, Staples $69.95 or to go on line and order from such as CompUSA or several others soon to beat the price increase.

    Check out your system requirements to be sure you can run it.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit

    The above post should outline pretty much everything, so I'll leave you to it

    Not before I leave my recommendation though. I'd say Windows 8 Pro, with the upgrade to Windows Media Center (**free) so you get Windows 8 Pro with WMC.

    **free; only until the end of January, via the MS page and receiving email with upgrade key.

    If you run into a deactivation error after WMC install, just click "Activate" in PC settings again, or do a phone activation
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    Win7 Ult on DIY; Win8 Pro on MBP/Parallels; Win7 Ult on MBP/Boot Camp; Win7 Ult/Win8 Pro on HP

    I'd go, in a heartbeat, with the (full version) Windows system builder software--available, for example, at Newegg for about $140. I like staying out of the clutches of of computer manufacturers and MS as far as possible. Good things happen when using this software and the personal-use license. I find the license confusing, but those in the real know here say that it means, in effect, that anyone can use this software for one installation on one, at a time, personally owned computer (my words). The software and license also is transferable (my words).
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WHat is the best version of windows 8
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