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    Windows 8 Start Screen Searches

    From time to time, I like to go to the Start Screen on Windows 8 and type in "uninstall" and want to go to the setting "uninstall a program." Unfortunately, it's extra steps, as I have to click "settings" on the right. In Windows 7, all I had to do was Start key + type "uninstall" and it would pop up, ready for me to hit enter.

    Can I include certain settings in the search for applications, or do I need to use Windows Key + W to open "settings search" every time?

    Not a big deal, just wondering.
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    That's what you have to do until then. Don't know why it's like that, but a good idea would just to eliminate having to hit the search filters and just display the results, grouped between Files, Apps, and Settings in one view.
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    If you open the start menu, type in "Programs" and select Programs and Features, this allows you to uninstall applications.
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    David, hi.
    Install OBLYtile, a win8 start screen customiser.
    Once installed, open tile manager (last button top right)
    Goto quick list, 3rd button, click programs, click create tile (bott left)

    Now hit START, start typing in programs, and voila.
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Windows 8 Start Screen Searches
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