Just tested out the hybrid boot feature. It did cut down on the boot time. For those of you with a large no. of processes and slow boot, check it out. How?

1) Click start orb, type "Power buttons" without quotes. In the results, click on "Change what power buttons do".

2) You'll get a screen titled "Define power buttons and turn on Password protection", and underneath that in blue "Change settings that are currently unavailable". Clicking on that will reveal a section "Windows shutdown settings" and under that a checkbox "Enable Hybrid boot (recommended)". Check it (if it isnt already). Click on "save changes" and exit.

Now hybrid boot is enabled. Remember hybrid boot's benefits only come on shutdown and boot and not on restart. Also remember this feature will be unlocked only if hibernation is enabled on your PC. If it isnt turn it on by opening an elevated command prompt and typing:

powercfg -h on

Normally the size of hiberfil.sys is the same as installed memory. If you're stingy about hard disk space, you can reduce it by typing:

powercfg -h -size <preferred size in percentage>

E.g. powercfg -h -size 60

(percentage cannot be less than 50).