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is it bad if we full the windows drive

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    is it bad if we full the windows drive

    hi guys
    my windows is in c drive and the c is 40gb and some of my friends tell me that do not install my programs in c drive because when the c drive is near full(as you know the color of drive changes to red) the speed of system will it true?

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    A full system drive would not be not good. That means you'll be overflowing before long (since the average tendency is to add over time, not subtract). I haven't looked at how Windows 8 manages swap space, but, yes, your system could slow down. Print spooling becomes an issue as well. So if you have little drive space left and you go to print a large document, the print job could fail.

    40GB is pretty small these days. Have you considered putting in a bigger drive?
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    It's a possibility your system could slow down, but not necessarily - depends on other specs of your computer as well.
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    thanks my friends.
    i have other partitions but my C drive is a 40gb and 30gb is full
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    As a rule, I never let a hard drive or SSD get more than 75% full. Archive data to an external drive, clean up unnecessary files, etc...
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    The answer is... "It depends"

    When your disk fills up, then it fragments files more heavily. This can cause slowdowns for physical hard disks, but are not an issue with SSD's.

    A more important issue is that if your disks fill completely up, then critical functions may fail. Event logging, for instance.

    Also, consider that many apps require space in the temporary files folder, and if there is no free space, those apps may crash randomly or do other weird things.
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    To add to what Mystere and others have said..

    No it is not good to run with a full drive regardless of system specs.

    Never let it get more than 75% full,
    Defrag needs space to work, other things need space to work as well.
    A full drive will inevitably cause a lot of havoc in the long run.
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    That Tepid sure is smart!!! (I always say this about folks who agree with me)!!
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    thank you my friends.i give my solution
    but a question: which one is better and why?
    if i do not partitioning my 500gb hard drive and only have C drive with 500gb or partitioning my drive for example into 3 150 gb
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    If you have a single OS, there is no real reason to partition your drive. Some people say you should keep your OS and data separate so it's easier to backup and restore, but keeping all your files in your user folder works just as easily.

    Partitioning is necessary if you have multiple OS's.
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is it bad if we full the windows drive
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