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scaling screen smaller then 100% to retain native res

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    Your best bet would be to see if your tv has a "pc mode" or to adjust overscan correvtion in yout graphics drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracehjs View Post
    I too have a Samsung 40" TV and the apps show slightly larger tghan the screen. I "solved" the problem by slightly reducing the screen resolution, but that is not really a satifactory solution. Do all apps have to run in full screen mode? Is there any way to reduce their size?


    Hello Grace

    This is a good solution (run them in windowed mode), appeared here just a day or two ago:
    StarDock releases ModernMix for Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoaken View Post
    Thanks FuturDreamz!

    40" Samsung TV; possible the PC detects the screen as a TV.

    How to correct overscan?
    Hi there

    As an Old School type Engineer I always look for an EASY way to solve a problem before delving into complex Computer geeky stuff like finding obscure drivers or installing 3rd party software.

    A lot of modern TV's such as LG have a nice way to solve this particular problem (and also fix the screen if the Image doesn't fit quite properly on to the screen).

    Do the following :

    1) Connect preferably the HDMI input on the TV to your computer.
    2) Press the Windows + P key to select display on 2nd monitor ONLY -- don't do this via Intel graphics utility or whatever ==> simply use the Windows + P key to select 2nd monitor.

    3) On TV go to the DESKTOP on Windows 8 right click on a mouse and adjust the screen resolution to 1080p HD which is probably 1920 X 1080.

    4) Now on your TV use the remote to select the PCTURE settings and select AUTOSCAN or AUTOMATIC . You should find the picture will adjust to the proper dimensions for the screen. Some TV's might have various "Cinema modes" instead or as well -- just experiment - but automatic is best if your TV has this option -- LG TV's always do.

    Even if you only have RGB input (the old fashioned monitor cable) do the same thing.

    Note most computers even relatively cheap laptops are capable of 1080p output on an external monitor.

    If you graphics card is incapable of that resolution 1366 X 768 is also passable (roughly video at 720p).

    How in the world you can see flickering on an LCD screen is beyond me --the screens don't work like that any more. !!

    Incidentally if you chose EXTEND DESKTOP or DUPLICATE ON BOTH SCREENS you'll only be able to get the LOWEST screen resolution that the laptop can display on its screen. The video card can usually display higher res on external devices.

    (If you are using a Desktop rather than a laptop -- same considerations -- in fact the video could be better but you probably will have at least 720p and full 1080p HD output. In my instructions you can ignore the extra monitor unless you are using two monitors but still set the TV's picture mode with the remote to AUTOMATIC / AUTOSCAN as in the above instructions).

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    I found the solution somewhere else. And you need to change the picture size on the TV to Fit screen. Apparently the default of 16:9 is designed to "overscan" the screen.

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scaling screen smaller then 100% to retain native res
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