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I guess that you downloaded the latest version of Foxit on your Windows 8 installation.
I think that the thumbnail view, instead of the Icon view is the default behaviour for Foxit programs now.
It fits in With Microsoft's style guidelines, moving away from icons - stylised metaphors, or skeuomorphs - to the miniature representation of the object the thumbnail/tile represents.
Try Foxit Corporation Forums for advice on how to get the icon view back - it probably needs a registry edit to work, in the absence of third party software to accomplish what you want.
Very strange because I have the same foxit version on both win 7 and win8, and as I said I can change the (file extension icon) very easily on win7 but havent yet found anyone to tell me how on win 8. If I change the folder options to show icons instead of thumbnails I get what I want for the pdf (extension) icons, but of course I lose the thumbnails to my image (file extensions) that i would like to keep. Its not the latest foxit im using.

I guess by windows 8 service pack 8796 there will be a way. Thank you for your input anyhow