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Does Windows 8 Automatically backup Registry?

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    Does Windows 8 Automatically backup Registry?

    Hi all! I am seeing some vague references to older Windows versions automatically backing up the registry at startup and saving the backup in some folder... Can't really find out any more.

    Does anyone have definite information about this in Windows 8, and where any such backups can be found?
    How and when is the Windows Registry backed up in Windows 8?

    If Windows doesn't do it, could you recommend a tool that can do it in the background on a regular basis?
    I really don't trust myself with this anymore....

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    There is a directory system32\config\regback - sometimes there will be back ups in there. Not clear what inspires win8 to make them . You might find the hives are 0 bytes.

    Use this instead Acelogix Software - Regbak
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Not clear what inspires win8 to make them
    I do think it's probable that Automatic Maintenance does it. I just checked the folder on my system and the files in there were last modified on 1/2/2013 on the same date and time that AM ran for me.

    Just to double check, I'll force a maintenance run right now and see what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovingWindows View Post
    Just to double check, I'll force a maintenance run right now and see what happens.
    Appears that Automatic Maintenance does trigger a registry backup.

    AM date/time:
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    File modification date/time:
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    Thanks all! particularly LovingWindows for checking this.
    So if I made some stupid and irreversible mistake in the Registry, i can actually restore off this backup ?

    Where do the backups get saved to?
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    Hi there
    not the answer to the question but IMO a much better solution.

    1) split partitions so you only have OS and programs on 1 partition - data spread amongst the rest (Movies / video / audio / photos / documents etc.

    2) Take full backup image of the OS partition using program like Macrium / Acronis / paragon etc.

    These backup programs create bootable media so you can do a "bare metal recovery" - and for a typical W8 partition shouldn't take more than around 15 mins.

    This will of course backup the registry in the image.

    Note that you should also image the system bootable partition if it exists on your system too --this is only a TINY partition and won't take more than a few seconds to back up -- include it when backing up the OS partition.

    Always before installing / updating software or changing the registry - backup the OS --it's much easier to restore an image than "undelete" / uninstall software and undo registry changes.

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    Actually, I already use this exact system! I think it's a bit of a classic.
    However, I had got sloppy and not done the cloning, and I made a mistake that messed up the registry.
    I had to start over, but I was of course able to rescue all my settings and all this stuff.
    I keep the Users folder on the D drive.
    But I want to figure out a way of doing a regular automated Registry backup as an extra precaution.

    Thanks for the tip, and nice to get confirmation that my method is good!
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Does Windows 8 Automatically backup Registry?
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