Is anyone able to assist me with my new upgrade to Windows 8? I upgraded with the special deal for $39.99 - so is that one a test or not as good? It is supposed to be the Windows 8 Pro! First I would like to state that the commercial seems more exciting and it is what got me to 'want' Windows 8, but after I have downloaded the OS, I am truly a bit disappointed. With the commercial I was like "I have GOT to get Windows 8!" Now I am like.... I expected much, much, more from Windows. Anyway, I truly did not come here to complain, but to receive assistance.

1. When I first added my password by picture, it loaded correctly. Then, I needed to make some changes, and since yesterday (1/3/13), it will no longer load stating that there is a failure. It tells me to try again...well I did 5 times!

2. In the control panel where it states to "Add Features to Windows 8" - it will not accept my Product Key code, telling me that it is the wrong code. I even wore my glasses, typed each and every number and letter individually and still no go.

3. The restart is slooooooooooooooow moving!
4. I know there is something else, but it is not coming to me at the moment. I truly do not want to have to call Windows - and wait, then have to fuss with someone who has an English barrier, just to hang up and say "never mind..forget it!" (let that smiley tell you what I truly think about those phone calls!!!). Truly, I would rather the thing not work, then have to have to fuss with someone with a language barrier, who speaks to me "like I am stupid."

Thank you,