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20 New Features in Build 7850

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    #20 sounds like the best!

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    Mt. Crumpit cave
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    Oh heck yes #20 sounds grand! 14 will be helpful too.
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    These are my favourites:

    Restore Windows to original condition
    Hyper-V Tools
    My Look icon on taskbar
    Deskband Indicator
    .NET Framework 4 preinstalled
    IE 9 preinstalled
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    I do have to say number 18 I believe will be mostly on enterprise version since the general user will not have a need for AD, Hyper-v, Active Directory, or data center networking. However I may be wrong if they are taking the apple approach and including some server rolls into the main OS.
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    Just a couple of things I've found.

    "Portable workspace options" option found under Control Panel>Hardware and Devices This doesn't seem to do anything yet, but I'll be intrigued as to what that is.

    Click image for larger version

    "Hybrid Boot"
    Found under Power Options>Require a password when the computer wakes. Again, not entirely sure what this does, but from observation it seems to result in insanely quick shutdown and boot up times, although the dual boot menu is bypassed. (Im guessing it's like "Hybrid Sleep" but for the boot process.

    Click image for larger version
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    LOL - portable workspaces is much discussed.

    I think it will be for installing Enterprise edition to a vhd on a usb device.
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    One thing i have found:

    tablet pc input panel is more simple like in WP7 and language selection screen on that keyboard clearly represents metro UI.

    Also, does anyone have an idea, why is hybrit boot grayed out for me?
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    why is hybrit boot grayed out for me?
    Do you dual-boot ?
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    Here are some pics of the tablet pc keyboard. Keyboard and related stuff (like language selection) clearly represents clean metro UI (just basic rectangular shapes, no rounding, 3D or any other effects).

    There are several different modes, most interesting one being one for portrait typing (4th pic). Switching between modes is gesture based (hold on keyboard symbol for menu to popup and then drag your finger to desired mode - 6th pic).

    It also contains autocorrect, but I'm not sure if that already existed in Win7.

    Currently, touch gestures like hold to right click or finger scrolling work very bad in Win8 or don't work at all. It might be bad driver, but same driver worked fine in Win7.

    @vrosa any ideas on how could i enable hybrid boot even when i have dual boot?

    EDIT: whoa, i thought forum would create thumbnails for that. Sorry for taking up so much space.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Capture.PNG   Capture2.PNG   Capture3.PNG   Capture4.PNG   Capture5.PNG  

    Capture6.png   Capture7.png  
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20 New Features in Build 7850
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