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Metro vanished / disabled (Can't get it back)

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    Win 8 Pro

    Metro vanished / disabled (Can't get it back)

    I've been using Win 8 Pro for a couple of months now, but a few days ago the metro interface stopped appearing, and I've been unable to get it back. I know a lot of people want it disabled, but I've gotten used to it, and in particular the WIN+I shortcuts for the menu....

    The keyboard itself is still functional. I ran a check using OSK, and it shows that the system registers the key as being pressed, so it's not a physical fault on the keyboard.

    The metro screen no longer opens when the WIN key is pressed, and the system panel doesn't open when the move is moved to the far right either...

    I've had to resort to installing the "Win 8 Start Button" Application to get me the functionality that I need.
    Is there some kind of quick key that disables it which I might have pressed by accident?

    The only changes I can think of are having plugged in two USB hard drives which had some old data and were then formatted. FYI the virus scanner didn't alert me to any potential threat.... The change that I think is more likely is one of the auto updates from either Microsoft or the antivirus program (BitDefender 2013), but I can't remember which one performed last.

    Is there a way just to force the metro to start?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try an sfc check. Maybe something got corrupted on your disk? If it finds something, might also want to run an error check on your disk to mark bad sectors.
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    Win 8 Pro

    Ran the SFC in administrator mode.... reported that;
    Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.log blah blah blah....
    I've looked at the log (Notepad file) It's massive, but towards the bottom there are a number of listed files such as actxprxy.dll, ebrima.ttf, System.Management.Automation.dll, NlsLexicons0024.dll, VhdProvider.dll and a load LOAD more...
    Errors are everything from "Could not reproject corrupted file FILENAME" Sourcefile in store is also corrupted to hash mismatches....
    Looks like I'll have to use the disc to refresh or whatever it's called....

    Which option is best to keep all my documents, AND all my installed files / applications? Is that the refresh option on the safe mode start page?

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    This typically happens if you're running anti-virus or anti-malware that is not Windows 8 compatible, or if you did an upgrade while older anti-virus was installed and running.

    Your best bet would be to do a system refresh.
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    I saw this exact same problem somewhere on the 'net within the past couple weeks. The individual ended up creating new user id's and that resolved the problem. Somehow it was tied in with the id. Don't know if that is your issue but you might give it a shot.

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    If nothing suggested to date works, then think about what I say. From your specs, I imagine that you did an upgrade install (using disc, USB flash, or ISO). But, you might have used a full install medium based on, for example, a Technet download or using the System Builder version of 8. The alternatives listed below in Option 1 are your options (you might need to create an install disc or USB flash). I would start with Automatic Repair. If no luck, then go with your choice of refresh your PC or reset your PC. Whatever you do you should back up your files first. You may end up needing to do a clean install. Once you get things working again consider making periodic system image backups. See link in my sig.

    Option 1:
    Startup to installer--Install DVD (including Upgrade DVD) or Install Flash Drive;
    Choose language, etc.
    Hit next
    Choose “Repair your computer”
    Choose “Troubleshoot” for these options:
    Refresh your PC
    Reset your PC
    Advanced Options

    Choose "Advanced Options" for these additional options:
    System Restore
    System Image Recovery
    Automatic Repair
    Command Prompt

    Opinon 2: If you have an ISO, you could mount the ISO and run set up. In effect, you will be able to choose to Refresh your PC or to Reset Your PC.

    Explanation of Procedures:

    Refresh your PC—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user files (similar to what a repair install does WRT to system files at least under earlier Win versions). User files still should be backed up. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided. Settings will maintained.

    Reset your PC—Removes everything and reinstalls Win8 as above.

    System Restore—Attempts to restores your system to an earlier time assuming at least one restore point has been created. Files will be undisturbed, but applications and updates installed after the restore point will be uninstalled.

    System Image Recovery—Attempts to recovers your hard drive or partition using a selected previously made image file.

    Automatic Repair—Attempts to make repairs needed to allow Win8 to startup properly.

    Command Prompt—Provides command prompt allowing additional repair options.
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    Win 8 Pro

    Regarding the antivirus possibility; BitDefender2013 is listed as compatible with Windows 8 (One of the the reasons I selected to use it) I've not installed any anti additional malware, registry, or security protection on this machine yet..
    Thanks for pointing out the possibility tho...

    Regarding the User account possibility - few odd errors pop up... Though it would be worth documenting them here, just in case anyone else runs into them...
    Control Panel -> User Accounts -> "Make Changes to my Account in PC Settings" Clicking on this pops up an explorer.exe dialogue box saying "Class not registered"
    I've spotted one of these somewhere else before, but I can't remember where it was to correctly document it. Pity...

    I'll be running (or at least attempting) a system refresh later today - will post back with any further errors I run into.

    Original installation was from the windows official download page. Downloaded the installer files which pulled in the required files. Mounted to a DVD and installed on a formatted drive (wiped the old windows in its entirety) Purchased the Win 8 Pro version from MS website directly.
    Installed Win 8, then installed the Antivirus (Bitdefender 2013), followed by application software.
    Bitdefender and windows have both been updating themselves, however (as expected) windows 8 has been doing the most...

    Is it possible to roll back an antivirus update?
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    You want to uninstall what--a Bitdefender update? Why? Is your original problem solved?
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    Win 8 Pro

    No, I wanted to roll back the antivirus update to see if it was the cause of the error. After looking at the CBS log file, I've decided that it probably wouldn't do much anyway...

    Tried a REFRESH though.... Screen flashed that giant ;-( blue screen for about 1/10th of a second. It was just enough time to register what it was, but not enough to read what the error was....
    Refresh was from the boot menu.

    Didn't make an image that I could back up from - so it's going to have to be a new installation UGH!!
    **Time to start backing up all my files ....... again **

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll post back once the installation is complete and close the thread (just incase something else pops up in the mean time)
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    Well I know there is a hack to disable it, because I used it myself to supress Metro!

    1) Have you tried googling for how to turn it off and then doing the opposite?
    Sometimes you accidentally trigger something that you didn't really mean to, and that is the easiest and most obvious explanation, unless it was the antivirus causing.

    2) What happens if you disable the antivirus and uninstall it? Supposedly Windows Defender is compatible with Windows and that will suffice as antivirus for normal people.

    It always irritates me a bit when people suggest very generic solutions to problems like this -- such as re-installing Windows, running Scannow etc. Obviously you want some concrete things to check, and you'll get that if you follow up on (1) from above.

    3) Some of the products from Stardock completely supress Metro, have you installed any Stardock products?
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Metro vanished / disabled (Can't get it back)
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