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Metro vanished / disabled (Can't get it back)

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    Maybe I didn't follow all of this too closely but ------

    Did you set your computer back to some earlier date before all of this happened ? *( System restore ).

    Did you make a set of Windows system recovery discs ?*( It takes 3 to 4 - 4.7 GB discs). *( Or flash drive/memory stick say 15 GB or a little more ).

    Did you make a Windows 8 system repair disc ? *( One disc about 500 to 600 MB ).

    I have had computers go haywire after a Microsoft or Windows regular update.

    I have also had crashes and ordered recovery discs from the factory.

    I haven't had virus/work/spyware software protection conflict with any Windows versions that I know of. Norton, and others, say they are incompatible and insist that the competitor be removed. Furthermore when trying to activate Windows Defender and Firewall it says: this/security is being managed by Norton. I'm confident that the top rated security brands don't conflict with Windows.

    Sometimes when things really go from bad to worse it is easier and faster to save all files, folders, photos, libraries and wipe the disc.

    I have also had to subscribe to a professional Guru aid to clean up everything. It worked. Even though I had Norton installed somehow, something broke through and infected the inner works. The nasty's were so deeply embedded that typically security software scans missed them. Only the Guru's were able to root out the problems and fix corrupted files. They took over the computer remotely and installed their own selection of specialty software. Took about 45 minutes. They whizzed around all over and made many settings changes.

    I've too made the bad decision to try some of the cheap software remedies offered prolifically for sale on line. They just made things worse or impossible.

    I also learned from experience that I will no longer buy downloads on line. There isn't a disc. I buy boxed versions from a store. The disc often helps correct problems.

    I too have plugged in two USB external hard drives. Didn't create any problems except that sometimes it will only recognize one because both are on the same system. So I only use one now. No reason for two simultaneously.

    *( If you got the message - "corrupted files then you have corrupted files". Only one way to fix that )! I would focus on that first.
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    I've tried the disable and re enable - it threw a dialogue box at me with an error (as far as I can remember) - can't remember exactly what point that happened tho..
    I used a Windows8 fake start button utility that was supposed to suppress the metro, and revert to only the Start button like Win 7 had, but it didn't have all the functionality, and was a pain to find the occasional link I wanted.

    I'm half way through the reset now tho - so going to stick with that.
    I'll create a standard user account once I've installed all the software I needed this time - perhaps it will stop this happening again (was using an administrator account)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlairStent View Post
    No, I wanted to roll back the antivirus update to see if it was the cause of the error. After looking at the CBS log file, I've decided that it probably wouldn't do much anyway...

    Tried a REFRESH though.... Screen flashed that giant ;-( blue screen for about 1/10th of a second. It was just enough time to register what it was, but not enough to read what the error was....
    Refresh was from the boot menu.

    Didn't make an image that I could back up from - so it's going to have to be a new installation UGH!!
    **Time to start backing up all my files ....... again **

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll post back once the installation is complete and close the thread (just incase something else pops up in the mean time)
    You are very welcome. I'm still a bit (defender) confused about what you said, but no matter. By the way I have no problem using the latest BitDefender 2013--all updates, etc. Good luck on your reinstall.
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Metro vanished / disabled (Can't get it back)
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