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Trouble viewing photo's, music and docs after upgrade.

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    Trouble viewing photo's, music and docs after upgrade.


    I've upgraded from Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 Pro (not clean install) today and I can't now view my personal files in the new apps screen. E.g If I go into the photo app it says there are no pics available. I thought I'd lost the data but when searching around I noticed a folder had been created on the new desktop which was the same name as my PC name in Windows 7. Clicking into this folder took me to Users folder -> and my folders which contain all the music and photo files etc.

    If I launch Explorer, On the left hand side of the Explorer screen (where it displays the Library docs) I am unable to select any of these or drag files to these from the folder described above. Also, when connecting my iPhone, it asks if I want to import my pics. I know all of these have already been imported but it doesn't recognise this and tries to import them all again, I assume into the new location in Windows 8.

    Is this something to do with permissions. I've used my hotmail account to set up as a new Windows 8 profile and this has Admin rights. Or do I physically have to copy he data to the new location where personal library files are held in Windows 8.

    Any help greatly appreciated!!


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    You need to move the files from the folders created from the old computer's content, over to the folders with the exact same names in the new setup. They should then appear.

    This kind of stuff is a bit tricky if you are not quite handy with Windows. There might be all sorts of permissions issues involved. The way to solve that is to take control of the folders from the old installation and become the owner. You can then move your stuff out.
    This is done from the Securities tab, in the properties for the folder or files in question. Google this and watch some youtube videos about taking ownership of folders.

    Microsoft try to make it super easy for people and try to prevent them from being able to make stupid mistakes. But sometimes they try to hard, and the helpful features become a hinderance.

    But in principle, the idea is to get the material into the corresponding folders in the new setup.
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    Martienne has some good advice here!

    I had very similar issues so I copied all data to my home server, then did a clean install and all went well. With the in-place upgrade, I had all kinds of issues (couldn't print, access network resources, etc...) and after doing the clean install, everything works fine now for about a month. Good luck!
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    Thank you both for the responses. I checked the permissions on the PC user and the new hotmail account for Windows 8 and both had Admin rights. The problem I have is that I cannot copy anything to the Library folders. They appear on the left hand side of Explorer but the icons for Pictures, Music, etc are just blank docs. If I right click and select permissions I get a message saying the cannot be viewed.

    My last resort was to plug my iPhone back in and just import all my Photos and then track where the new folder is created. But when I selected import I got the message "something went wrong and the file could not be created".

    I think my only option is to do a fresh install.
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    Yep, the clean install worked for me and I'm glad I did it. It doesn't take long to install at all!
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Trouble viewing photo's, music and docs after upgrade.
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