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File Search Borks My Computer

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    File Search Borks My Computer

    I've had my laptop with Windows 8 for about two weeks, and in that time I've used the app/setting/file search frequently with no problems. However, when I tried to use the file search last night, the whole thing stopped working. It failed to find any files, with the loading dots just staying there, but more importantly I couldn't switch to the app search or setting search (which both still work) or any other of the options on that screen, and I couldn't use the Windows button to get away from that screen. The only way I could find to escape it was to press Ctrl-Alt-Del and sign out; switching user got me out, but upon re-entering I was just faced with the same screen. The same thing now happens every time I try to use the file search. I have no idea how this problem has occurred, and would greatly appreciate any assistance that could be provided.

    EDIT: I just activated the guest account, and the file search worked just fine there, so the problem's localised to my account.

    DOUBLE EDIT: Well, the problem fixed itself. Thanks for the advice though!
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    Hello BlueHairedKat, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You might create a new administrator account, and see if it works fine in it as well. If so, then you could just copy over any files and shortcuts you wanted from your old account, then delete the old account from within the new one when you like.

    Hope this helps,
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File Search Borks My Computer
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