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Restore, recovery aspects.

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    Restore, recovery aspects.

    Now I have made a set of recovery discs for my newest acquisition. I went to the "tutorials" section on this forum for more answers and found the procedures to create a system repair disc presumably to get back on line in advance of running a system recovery disc.

    Q: What is the difference between a system "repair" disc and a set of "system restore" discs ?

    Q: If you can't boot up - can either of these get you back on line ?

    Q: Is this system repair disc necessary all the time to be run before the system restore disc is run? Can the system restore disc's actually restore in all instances? When running the system restore discs after an incident what effect will they have on existing software and files. Save, damage, delete something ?

    In the tutorial found here on how to create a system repair disc, it appears to be outdated for Windows 8. I printed the information and followed directions. It doesn't work out for me.

    The tutorial seems to offer creating either a flash drive or a DVD. It says something like - use a 256 MB disc.

    When going to the control panel in W8, recovery, it appears to offer only a flash drive with 28 GB space or my "G" external pocket hard drive. It cautions that all data on the "G" hard drive will be lost ! I don't see a provision to make a DVD. When I unplug the hard drive still no other option. Any suggestions ?
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    Blimey: !!!!!!!

    After trying three more times, following the tutorial instructions, when I went into Control panel - recovery - there did appear the option to create a DVD instead of a flash drive. So I have now successfully created a system repair disc.

    Can't say what happened. Perhaps unplugging the external "G" drive did something.

    However, I posed other questions that are still on the table.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    wetibbe▬ I'll be honest with you. I might be able to help in a little while.
    If you will shorten your request & be more specific about your needs. But right now, being honest, I'm going to lay down because the first of your first post gave me a spinning migraine headache.
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    You're one of my favorites.
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Restore, recovery aspects.
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