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Anyone want there sidebar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FuturDreamz View Post
    Does Rainmeter have a live tile?
    No, it works like the 'System Status' Gadget you posted.
    I'd prefer something that works like computer status but is a metro app with a live tile, tbh

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    Most of the apps take over what I used gadgets for, with live tiles and better efficiency. Don't need to wait at startup for gadgets to load anymore. And they update MUCH faster and better than gadgets!

    The only thing I kind of miss is the System Monitor gadget, but the new Task Manager takes that over. Makes me a little less paranoid about what my system is doing all the time... Also, I've found that if you set the option to stay on top of your open windows, and then shrink the window down, it makes a little gadget!

    Overall, don't miss them, they look fugly compared to neat tiles.
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    If you really want gadgets on Windows 8, you can get them by following instructions here: Windows Desktop Gadgets - Frequently Asked Questions
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    When I first got Windows 7 I loved the gadgets! Especially since I used Windows XP before 7. After a while I had two sidebars full with gadgets. But then I started to organise things and asked myself ==> do I really need all that information on my screen? Information like realtime CPU usage etc. So I ended up to disable most of the gadgets, except a clock and weather gadget.

    When I bought Windows 8 on 26th of October and started using it I missed the gadgets at first. But to be honest... within a week I totally forgot about them, aswell as the Startmenu. It seems that, for me, the Start apps completely replaced and improved the gadgets function.
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    @Der Snoober: I tend to agree with that. However, I like to use a Network Monitor, just to see how well I am downloading from the internet. Otherwise, I can do without gadgets,
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows
    I installed Vista on a PC I repaired a couple of days ago, I'd forgotten how beautiful it was, the only problem was all the updates, it took hours to install the updates.
    Vista runs fine on a decent mobo/cpu with plenty of RAM, good graphics card, and SATA3 SSD HD. I still feel like I never got my money's worth out of my Vista Ultimate, and only just replaced it with W8 Pro OEM. Jury's still out on whether I replace W7 on my flagship with W8?

    You would save a truck load of downlod time if you have SP1 & 2 on DVD/USB stick to install on fresh installation of Vista.

    On topic: Never use gadgets or sidebar. Don't need items such as weather, news and don't twitter, facebook, etc.
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    I don't need no stinkin' gadgets! Not with the colorful, well-organized, less resource eater, more secure, and at-a-glance info of live tiles of the Start Screen.
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    Here's mine...

    Here's my sidebar...
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    Yes and I am glad I have them back now also.

    I can live without the start button but apps do not replace gadgets in my book, but maybe someday apps can be made to do this.

    "yes I know there is a start button add on."
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    Quote Originally Posted by petesmst View Post
    @Der Snoober: I tend to agree with that. However, I like to use a Network Monitor, just to see how well I am downloading from the internet. Otherwise, I can do without gadgets,
    Then I advise you to try out DU Meter. This is a wonderfull!!! program to monitor network etc.

    ==> DU Meter: bandwidth monitor for your computer

    It integrates in your Desktop programbar so you won't need a gadget and can still watch literally everything about your networkusage etc.

    ps. it's quite cheap to :-)
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Anyone want there sidebar?
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