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Can I overclock my Laptop?

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    I don't think i'm the only one who is asking for how to OC in this forum.

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    They are no problem to ask here, it's just that you gone find more OCing peoples on an OCing forum, I just say that to help you. Aside you don't even help yourself, you don't give any detail on what laptop you have. They are a huge difference between an Asus ROG lappy and a Acer at $ 400.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chansopheak View Post
    I don't think Laptops are overclock-able. I just wanted to make sure.
    Why would you want to? The performance increase (even if you could do it) is probably not worth the stability problems you would introduce into the system.

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    Why bother to OC unless you, OP, have, for example, a gaming laptop that clearly is designed to be OC'd? To really notice an OCing increase in performance. you would need to provide an increase in GHz that would lead to a heat increase that would fry a typical laptop pretty quickly (ditto on the stability issue noted above).
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    Overclock laptop?
    First check if any dust is (already) inside blocking the air vents, most cases with older models.

    Still, frying eggs is better in the pan.
    You will need good air fans and a supported model: not so common among common laptops.
    In other words, supported in the sense that it will manage the extra heat without damaging the inside components in a day or two.

    I'm a laptop user myself but on the other hand I'm underclocking for 2 reasons: less heat and increased lifetime of components.
    But works well only on the powerful models (i7 / i5) otherwise you feel the loss in performance.

    But yes overclocking it's possible, it's your choice and depends what programs/games you're running.
    Most laptop BIOS'es are locked and you don't get all options as in a desktop mobo. It's possible that some overclock programs exist but I'm not interested in OC to tell you more.

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    It's really a good fun OCing older CPUs capable only in selected models of laptops , one needs to understand what he/she getting in to, if one can increase the speed a bit without going over the critical temps it's OK, one can always keep the temps under control by undervolting, I'm sure nobody in right frame of mind going to OC a 1500 laptop.
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    Overclocking used to be fun as an experimental way to improve system performance when clock speeds were in the MHz range. Overclocking an 8088 from 4.77 to 10Mhz made sense. Those days you could notice the performance increase. However now that the processors are running at GHz bandwidth it's becoming less desirable. The machines are cattle-bred for speeds beyond most user's needs as it is, why fiddle around with them unless you have nothing else to do?

    Laptops, in particular, are more tightly tweaked for optimal performance because of the tight fitting of the case. I just don't see the sense in messing with it. If you really want better performance just buy a better machine to start with. But that's just me.

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Can I overclock my Laptop?
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