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Cloned HDD windows 8 won't boot

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    The HDD i am cloning was off an HP envy but the clone is going in my custom rig. I finally got the cloned hdd to boot but now i have another issue I am getting error code 0xc0000225 and its telling me that win32/winload.efi is missing or damaged on the cloned hdd. It is not missing I made sure to check but I was reading that I need to use the repair tool that comes on the installation disk which brings me to my next issue. I do not have a disk. I did not receive any disks when I purchased the original pc from the store, all the recovery and repair tools seem to be on the hdd and I cannot access them without booting windows in the first place. Any suggestions or should I try to boot from a cd or usb and attemp to repair?

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    If the new system boots you should be able to make a repair disc from inside Windows (they call it a recovery disc) but it is actually a repair disc which has the repair tools on it (or at least that was in previous Windows versions).
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    There are a couple of issues here.

    Do you have a separate W8 OS key for the custom rig?
    Your HP OS is not legal to be moved to any other/different system.
    Cloning from one system to another system is not advisable and usually won't work, all the device drivers are different.
    In order to boot from a GPT partition you must have a UEFI capable motherboard, it won't be able to boot from a BIOS motherboard.

    It's best to do a Clean install on a different system, that way the correct drivers will be installed.
    Cloning an HP computer to a custom rig is considered piracy and not allowed to be discussed on Eight Forums.

    Forum Rules - Please Read!
    4) No discussion of piracy or anything illegal is allowed at all. Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Yes, Aomei Backuper is great.

    Of course it doesn't have the fancy extras of a paid program.

    Everything most people need is there.

    Here it is in windows eight pe :

    Attachment 13744
    Thanks for that! I am going to install it on my Windows 8 disk today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJay View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by miffedbarracuda View Post
    Hi, I just cloned my HDD which had windows 8 pre installed on it to a new HDD. The cloning process went great the only problem i am having is that the newly cloned HDD can not boot on its own. I would like to know If there is anything I can do to change the new HDD to be the boot drive. If anyone could please help that would be great Thanks.
    I tried cloning my Windows 8 installation to another disk using Paragon Migrate OS to SSD, but like with you, the cloned HDD wouldn't boot. I later read that the Paragon software isn't compatible with Windows 8, but will be with next update. Could be the same reason you weren't successful as well.
    Paragon 12 now supports Windows 8 uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.

    PARAGON Software Group - News: Significant booting challenges on EFI systems when upgrading to Windows 8
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    Ok first of all this is not piracy my copy of windows 8 was bought by me and I am putting it on another rig that's owned by me I am not distributing it to any other parties. Secondly the new PC I built has all the necessary components to run windows 8 and is running fine when booted from another source. I'm just trying to get the hdd to boot on its own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miffedbarracuda View Post
    Ok first of all this is not piracy .
    yes you are, you don't own Windows 8, you just own the right to use it according to the EULA, and you are not complying with in at least 2 way, first, this OEM is tight to the HP pc, HP as a special discount for this OS, and can't be transfer on another PC. Now you are using it on 2 PCs, this is also against the EULA.

    More important , it's against the forum rules to talk about it, so I report it
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Cloned HDD windows 8 won't boot
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