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Just a heads up about Windows 8 pricing.

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    Just a heads up about Windows 8 pricing.


    From what I can gather there are 4 versions of windows 8:

    * Regular - not for sale, only manufacturer pre-installed.

    * Pro - For sale in computer supply stores, An upgrade from previous such as W7, Vista, XP.

    * Pro - that will only enhance "regular" to Pro.

    * RT - only for tablets, notebooks and such devices, manufacturer installed. A reduced version without some Pro features.

    * W8 - Enterprise, Commercial, not for sale to the general public, only for corporations and government.


    * W8 Pro upgrade. Windows has it on the Internet as a download for $39.99. The offer expires at the end of December 2012.

    * W8 Pro upgrade from W7, Vista, XP, for sale in computer stores, Costco, Best Buy, Staples, CompUSA. Costco's price is $66.99. The others are $69.99.

    * Windows Pro only for existing Win 8 regular already installed. Thus the regular manufacturer version is upgraded to Pro for $69.99. *( That would be actually a value of $69.99 plus &69.99 - $139.98 ).

    The Windows Pro at Staples has on the price tag: "Retail price $199, $130 off. Offer expires February 2013.

    So anyone who is contemplation purchasing a Windows Pro should be aware of/about the coming price increases. Looks as though in March 2013 it will cost everyone $199 so far as I can ascertain now.

    Apparently installing Win 8 to upgrade Vista and XP will require re-installing all current software presently on the computer whereas a Win 7 will not.
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    What a list of misinformation
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    I certainly won't argue your point - however:

    * The information about the various versions comes from Microsofts book Windows 8 Step by Step by Ciprian Rusen. I have it here before me.

    * The Windows 8 download for $39.99 ending Dec 2012 is on the Internet and can be Googled.

    * The Windows Pro pricing for both versions $66.99 at Costco and $69.99 At Best Buy and Staples I saw myself. As well as the price tag about the offer ending February 2013. Further I personally spoke to the Staples sales person at length.

    The part about Win Pro 8 removing software from Vista and XP came from: #1 The Windows 8, Step by Step book, from a Netgear Tech support person and further from a Moderator on a Win 8 forum.

    So please let the readers have your proprietary information about which and what is misinformation. If no-one else is interested I certainly am.
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    I wouldn't call it misinformation, but I would question the point, as it's all been posted before and is pretty much common knowledge now for anyone looking to buy Windows 8. The cheap pricing is always the case early on with every version, and the upgrade rules always vary, based on what you are upgrading from.

    Were you asking a question about something...or some part of the upgrade process?
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    here 2 misinformation I catch on the fly

    " Regular - not for sale, only manufacturer pre-installed " this is call system builder and everyone can purchase it

    "looks as though in March 2013 it will cost everyone $199 so far as I can ascertasin now"

    here again the builder version is far than be $ 199

    you have quite few misinformation too
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    Windows comes in these flavors:

    Windows 8 - Equivalent to Windows 7 Home Basic
    - Add WMC and it's Home Premium

    Windows 8 Pro - Equivalent to Windows 7 Business

    Windows 8 Enterprise - Equivelent to Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate (ie, it has everything)

    Windows 8 RT - For ARM based devices

    Windows Phone 8 - Only for Phones


    Now, it gets a bit more complicated when we talk about how you can buy them...

    There are a number of SKU's for upgrades, including upgrades from previous versions as upgrades to Pro from Windows 8.

    There is the Windows 8 System Builder, which comes in both 8 and 8 Pro versions as well as 32 bit and 64 bit (and both) versions.

    Enterprise can only be purchased through a Volume license program.

    RT and Phone can only be purchased with a device (unless you're a major OEM with an RT and/or Phone contract with MS).

    What is different about 8 is that there is no longer a "retail" version, instead they have relaxed the requirements on the System Builder version to allow purchase without hardware, and if you purchase System Builder for your own use, then it is the license equivalent of the old Retail (ie, you can move it to another computer).

    Yes, special pricing ends soon, and it goes back to retail pricing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    Windows 8 Enterprise - Equivelent to Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate (ie, it has everything)
    even here a mistake, Enterprise don't have Media Center, or can't be upgrade with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    Windows 8 Enterprise - Equivelent to Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate (ie, it has everything)
    even here a mistake, Enterprise don't have Media Center, or can't be upgrade with.
    I didn't make a mistake. I didn't say it included Media Center. Media Center is an upgrade to 8 and 8 Pro only.

    "it has everything" means it has everything in the previous SKU's. WMC is not a part of any of the other two SKU's (although I suppose the ability to upgrade to WMC might be considered a feature, so perhaps that's a point).
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    wetibbe▬▬▬ Those Barnes & Noble books you keep posting from are not Windows 8 bibles. Microsoft can change their broadcast policies 60GabillionZillion times on the internet and you will always be misinformed. Unless Barnes & Noble sends you daily updates for those books. Maybe Ciprian Rusen made a mistake, maybe his publishers made an error, maybe maybe maybe ...
    Sounds like that book would make a great chair booster seat for a short kid.
    Compared to the knowledge in groups like this, that book is illiterate.
    Did you even Google the information you quoted from that book? I did & this is one link I followed for you Buy Windows - Microsoft Windows
    Download the Windows 8 Pro upgrade before Jan 31, 2013 at a great price, and enjoy over $70 in app offers, too! * Download Pro for $39.99 ERP
    Find out if your PC can run Windows 8—click Download Pro to install Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which checks your PC for compatibility and gives you the option to purchase and install. When prompted, open, save, or run Upgrade Assistant. Depending on your Internet connection, Upgrade Assistant might take several minutes to install.

    Or get the upgrade on DVD from the Microsoft Store.
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    Thank you respondents. Good information. I bought a new computer with W8 installed. I'm setting up, or have already, a LAN Home Group network. I bought W8 Pro from Costco a couple of days ago to upgrade a computer from W7. It's already done/on line. . And I'm researching the third computer for upgrade from Vista. So I've bought essentially two W8's and looking at #3 in addition to other friend and family now interested so we're looking a 5-6 computers in family and some more with friends. There's a lot of difference between $39.99 and $199 x several !!! And the clock is ticking.

    I'm only relating what was told to me. Some of the competing salesmen are prone to criticize the competition. Best Buy told me there were two versions - regular and Pro. Regular was $139 and they didn't carry it. Pro was $69.99 which they did stock. Staples carries ONLY W8 Pro upgrade from previous Windows. Costco carried BOTH W8 Pro upgrade from previous and enhanced from "regular" which requires a pre-existing W8 on the computer up to W8 Pro.

    As to Mysteres revelations about where and how to buy that obviously needs to be understood and considered.

    #1. Some of those W8's are only obtainable by purchasing devices, tablets, notebooks, phones and possibly other pre-installed by manufacturers.

    #2. There seems to be a question, at least in my mind, if desk tops come with pre-installed regular or Pro ! Or if different manufacturers pre-install some of each ? Same for lap tops. I'm exclusively desk top. My family is all lap top.

    My starting post addressed in store, after market, W8 that can be bought and brought home in the box. *( Or downloaded from the Internet ).

    I think a couple of posters corroborated my input as essentially accurate for the most part.

    It seem that a price increase is apparently coming soon.


    * The Windows 8 phone is a new one on me. First I heard about it. It is NOT in Cyprien's book Windows 8 Step by Step.
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Just a heads up about Windows 8 pricing.
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