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Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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    Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    Hi.I'm a Windows 7 user.I'm here to recive informations for OS 8.I wanna change OS 7 to 8.The old programs will work on OS 8?If not,will work if I put the compability of program to OS 7 or XP?What you recommend?I heard OS 8 have some errors and the old programs doesn't work.Sorry for my bad english!

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    It is very difficult to recommend without knowing much about a user. Perhaps you will elaborate on what you use a computer for. In general, if you really like the Win7 interface, then maybe you should stick with it. On the other hand, if you like tablet/phone type apps, then Win8 might be for you. Note that you can do all the fundamental computing tasks with either. See this article for more than you might want to know about Win8.

    Older programs often can be run successfully in compatibility mode. Use the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant on your computer. It will give you good insights about the compatibility issues you might face.
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    Welcome aboard! Let me give you advice that worked well for me. Windows 7 has a built-in partitioner, and instructions are available on the internet. Partition your hard drive and download the free Windows 8 Preview Edition, which is available until January 15, 2013. If you like it, download the $40 Windows 8 Pro and install it on top of the Preview Edition. Some older programs work better on 7 than on 8.

    As you'll see by checking these boardsk, a clean install is usually better than an upgrade. I have had no problems with 8 since I did this.
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    Personally, I would recommend 8. However; if you are not accustomed to changing, stay with 7.
    I'm not trying to sway you or scare you. Just trying to share what I think is helpful information for smooth transition.
    First thing to remember is not to get frustrated.
    •The Windows key is our friend. He toggles us between the Start Panel and 'OUR Desktop'
    •8 uses two different views for Internet Explorer. Desktop mode is normal. Start panel is new. Setting your preferance is easy.
    Go to internet options▬ click Program tab▬ top section it asks about how you prefer to open links. Make your choice for Desktop or InternetExplorer(the new way). Place a check mark in the box.
    •The biggest complaint I've noticed is the missing 'Start Button' Let's say you want to open Wordpad.
    In Win XP, Vista or 7 you could 1- click Start 2- click All Programs 3- click Accessories 4- click Wordpad
    In 8 you 1- press w on keyboard. 2- click on Wordpad At same time be given option to open other programs beginning
    with w like MS Word, MS Works Word Processor, Windows Live Mail

    We can complain about the missing start button and get a 3rd party program to replace it which can also slow 8 down. OR
    We can get use to it by looking at it like Windows 8 starts out in the ALL PROGRAMS folder without pressing a start button.
    clicking any blank area on Start Panel allows you to scroll left/right with mouse wheel to see more programs.

    while on the Start Panel- press any key & the Backspace key, then click blank area & scroll right to see all apps on your computer.

    •Tiles can be unpinned from Start Panel as well as pinned to Start Panel & Taskbar. Even create shortcuts on desktop & desktop toolbar.
    Click image for larger version
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    I tend to take an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" position. But here are some comments on Windows 8, elaborating on what pcRat says:

    * The Windows button doesn't always toggle between Desktop and Start. If you run a Metro program, then the Windows button will alternate between the app and the Start screen. So in general, it toggles between Start and whatever most recent app you were looking at. To Metro, the Desktop is (sort of) one of the Metro apps.

    * IE 10 does have the two different views: Metro and Desktop (Desktop being what you're familiar with). However, if you use other browsers like I do and set a different browser to be the default, then IE will disable the Metro view. In other words, IE 10 only allows Metro view *if* IE 10 is set as the default browser. A bit arbitrary, but that's the way it works.

    * Most Win7 programs should run and the 'common' ones do, but some will not. It just depends. There's a Microsoft web page where you can check for Windows 8 compatibility. I don't have the link handy but I'm sure you can find it with Google (hehe or perhaps Bing).

    * Any program app icon can be "pinned" to the Start screen. Links or documents cannot be pinned there. So if you like having documents or certain links on your desktop for easy access, you'll need to go to the Desktop screen to access them since they can't be pinned to the Start screen. Not a big deal. If you click on a Windows 7 program that was pinned on the Start screen, it will automatically pop over to the Desktop screen and run it there. In fact, several of the Windows 8 administration screens do that, too. Once on the Desktop, it doesn't automatically go back to the Start screen when you exit the program. You have to press the Windows button or go back to the Start screen using one of the other methods (there are a few). If you find you like spending your time on the Desktop most or all of the time, then having one of the 3rd party start menu add-ons that pcRat mentioned is indeed quite handy. I use Start8 and really like it. As I mentioned above, the Start screen doesn't really provide all of the functionality that a Start button on the desktop does. It just depends, though, on how you like to work.
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    Thank you all,please TC!
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    Windows 8

    Make sure you have a good backup you can completely restore from if you take the plunge. Personally I wouldn't suggest it. There have been quite a few instability issues with Windows 8 and usability is also an issue for many. As with any major O/S upgrade it is best to wait until the software stabilizes. I always recommend waiting for at least the first service pack. It also pays to use hardware specifically designed for the O/S.

    Having said that I am typing this from my Windows 8 machine. I was running Windows 7 on this box before upgrading. I have multiple PC's though and can afford to play with early releases. There are many things I like about Windows 8 but there are many things I don't. I find it fun and an adventure using a new O/S. I don't mind the risks but take the precautions necessary so that I don't lose data.

    I am also a big Mac users. I do have to say I prefer Apple now over Microsoft. I changed camps on this attitude after the release of Lion. Windows 8 has some interesting concepts but I think Microsoft missed the boat on usability. I still prefer the ubiquity of the Microsoft platform but I am not sure how much longer they will hold their position.
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    mbratch▬ thank you for enlightening me more on the start panel and how and how the Windows key functions with it. You are 100% correct I noticed it, worked through it and remained oblivious to it.

    Thanks to you, I also understand now that non-Win 8 Apps open on the desktop. I think!?
    (I spent hr trying to pin a few docs to Start before realizing it's impossible)

    Anyway, when it's all said and done, change & transition aren't as scary as my ramblings of what can be expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick View Post
    I am also a big Mac users. I do have to say I prefer Apple now over Microsoft. I changed camps on this attitude after the release of Lion. Windows 8 has some interesting concepts but I think Microsoft missed the boat on usability. I still prefer the ubiquity of the Microsoft platform but I am not sure how much longer they will hold their position.
    I'm with ya Nick. I'm not a casual user, having been in the IT business many years I don't fear change. But, if one can assume that the "Modern" UI is the direction of the future and the "desktop" remains for backwards compatibility then I and MSFT need to part company. I can't be limited to having only one full screen app at a time being available to me. I recently purchased a new laptop with 8 preinstalled. I believe it'll be going back to be exchanged for a MacBook Pro. MS finally got it right with 7. It's a shame they lost it with 8.

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    Webster NY US
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    Win 7 / Win 8

    No worries pcRat. Those are just a couple of areas I happened to explore (no pun intended). I'm definitely not an expert.
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Windows 7 or Windows 8?
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