It is a last-ditch attempt to increase speed in IE10 at the expense of clarity by reducing the amount of processing that is required to render a web-page, Metro app page etc., compared to the competitors which allow Cleartype to support their browser rendering on web pages.

It has the effect of reducing everything down to a mediocre level so that it works on RT as well as on top end processors with Windows 8 Pro x64. It is crazy for desktop users since ClearType is on by default, and therefore pages with the Monochrome rendering do not benefit from ClearType.

Pages look perfectly clear if you set the zoom to 200%, and most of the time at 150%. But Internet Explorer does not properly display scrollbars at higher zoom ratios. Hey Ho! So get yourself a bigger monitor or use a different browser. Oh, or a CRT screen.

Sorry, but I find IE impossible to use anyway, and I just do not bother to use it.