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Explorer "not responding" in a specific folder.

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    windows 8 pro x64

    Explorer "not responding" in a specific folder.

    Suddenly every time i try to browse Downloads folder, explorer.exe freeze and stuck in not responding. Task manager shows 50% in cpu, and memory usage just keep getting bigger.
    I have tried booting into safe mode, and i could browse the same folder. But after i get out from that folder and try to open it again, it freezes again.
    I have tried cccleaner, but no help there.
    Im using windows 8 pro x64 with 8gb of ram.
    It happend randomly a few times in the past, but not every time like now.
    Didnt installed anything new for few days. And the constant freeze started today.

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    Windows 8 professional

    I too have this issue although I think I may have caused the problem some how- I've managed to completely empty my downloads folder, unwittingly- tried c cleaner and system restore and now I'm doing a full anti virus scan but I'm not too optimistic- I think I'm on the wrong side of the road on this one and can't think what to do short of a clean re install... Anybody ??
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    windows 8 pro x64

    the problem was solved by downloading an alternative explorer(cubic explorer) and then removing some files from downloads.
    i also have done a fresh install to solve another problem.
    but sometimes the my Downloads folder get stuck again.cubic explorer-> delete some files, and we'r good again.
    hope someone will solve this bug...
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    windows 8 pro x64

    it happend again, and i have found this folder name created the problem:


    perhaps its the combination of charachters and lenth causing the problem.

    moved it out with cubic explorer and it started working again.
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Explorer "not responding" in a specific folder.
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