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External hard drive shell broke, salvaged internal drive

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    Encrypt/Decrypt are being done with the firmware, that's why you could not use different brand PCB. so if you get the same firmware PCB board then it should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Encrypt/Decrypt are being done with the firmware, that's why you could not use different brand PCB. so if you get the same firmware PCB board then it should be fine.
    Okay, I found the drive on eBay for $140, I'll buy that and when it comes in and I test it I'll report back.

    I can't think of a single situation where " hardware encryption" wound be useful to the customer unless we get to set the password, after calling Western Digital multiple times and before I can breathe two words they start talking about their " data recover" partners, I'm certain that western digital only has this feature in place to hold your data at ransom and make you pay in excess of $700 to get it back.
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    Guys, I finally got it fixed, my circuit board came in after about a month and a half from China.

    about my External Hard Drive that was showing up as Unallocated when the connector broke and I plugged it directly into my PC..

    ..After several hours of trying to recover and digging, and help from the local forum members, I eventually found out that Western Digital has "Hardware Encryption" on their external drives, what that means is, if the circuit board or connector breaks, you lose access to the data with no way to recover it unless you buy the exact same drive and salvage it.

    I called Western Digital and they wanted $800 to ATTEMPT to recover the data, heck no.

    I searched and found the PCB on eBay from a guy in China for around $23, after nearly a month and a half it finally arrived, I hooked it up to my drive and it works!

    This is also a reminder to make a backup of your data! I am doing so now. I would also NOT recommend Western Digital drives, they basically hold your data captive and you must pay extremely high amounts of money to recover it. At least the external ones.

    I was going to post this in the old thread, but I figured no one would ever see it, I would also like to thank everyone on this forum that responded to my original topic, you guys were extremely helpful and without your help I probably would of never recovered the data.

    Thanks again!
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External hard drive shell broke, salvaged internal drive
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