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Win 8 Explorer Search Bug

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    Win 8 Explorer Search Bug

    The "Content" setting returns the path in the first column, the only problem is that it truncates it because there isn't enough room in the column. I cannot find a setting to remove any columns or change their sizes; is there any way to modify them? thanks....

    I have Win 7 that I installed prior to Win 8 and of course both report they are installed on "C" drive when booted. When I boot in Win 7, Win 8 is showing on "D" drive. When I boot in Win 8, Win 7 is showing on "E" drive.

    Here is the bug: When I am booted into Win 8 and do a search on "C" (Win 8's drive) it returns the correct information. When I do a search on "E" (Win 7's drive) it reports the files on "C" and "E". The files that are on "C" are prefixed as being on "E".

    Anyone know of a resolve for this one??????? thanks....

    More info: Here are the 2 folders returned by Explorer:

    E:\Users\rdwray\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\8e79smr3.default\Chrome

    If I delete a file in "E:\Users\rdwray\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\8e79smr3.default\Chrome" the same file is deleted in "C:\Users\rdwray\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\8e79smr3.default\Chrome"

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Win 8 Explorer Search Bug
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