So, I recently did a refresh on my Windows 8 Pro 64 bit because I was having some big problems with drivers not installing and such. The refresh fixed the issue of my programs not installing or uninstalling but now I have these two new issues that aren't huge, but I just hate it when things don't work, especially on a new laptop such as mine.

First is with the login screen. Before the refresh, I was using a pin code to login and I liked it because it was a fast way to get in. After the refresh, I noticed that every time I tried to enter the pin code and press enter, the input box would disappear and the login screen would freeze, with a restart being the only way to pull it out of it. Inputing my normal password worked find and got me logged in.
So I tried removing the pin in windows settings which it's gone, but now when I try to put a new one in, it says there's an error and to try again later. I read somewhere that creating a new profile would fix this, but I tried that and the problem persisted in the 2nd profile.

The 2nd issue is with my Windows Action Center. After the refresh, I had to reinstall all my programs of course. I did that with no issues and all my programs are running fine. However, Action Center keeps giving me a warning that I don't have spyware protection, even though I do with Spybot, the same one I used prior. The other warning that I'm receiving is that it wants me to check for disk errors. When I try to click the "Check disk" button it provides me, it doesn't work. I've also checked through other methods such as properties under my HDD in My Computer, using Command Prompt and with my Advanced System Care Ultimate. The error check worked just fine, but the warning in Action Center still persist.

Please help. Thank you.