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How do I buy & download non-upgrade Win 8 from Microsoft?

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    How do I buy & download non-upgrade Win 8 from Microsoft?

    I have bought a notebook in China, with Windows 8 PRC pre-installed. Everything in Windows is written in Chinese, which I can't read. The English language pack for Win 8 does not work effectively with Windows 8 PRC. And if you try to upgrade, using the Win 8 Upgrade Assistant, you automatically download another Chinese version of Win 8.

    I need to buy and download an English version of Win 8 from Microsoft, and then overwrite Windows 8 PRC pre-installed completely. I do not want to upgrade. I want to reformat the C drive and reinstall an English version of Win 8 from scratch. This is the only way I can get rid of Windows 8 PRC pre-installed forever, and have Win 8 in English.

    I need to be directed to the exact place on the web where I can buy and download an English version of Win 8 from Microsoft. Please do not simply send me to the Windows Store, where I cannot find my way. I need to know exactly where I can buy and download, from Microsoft, an English version of Win 8 that I can install on a freshly reformatted disk.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Windows Upgrade Offer - Landing Page When you install it choose Custom not Upgrade
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    Thanks but the appreciated advice does not get me to the place where I can buy and download a custom English version of Win 8. When I click on the link you gave me, I first get a range of continents and countries. If I click on my own country, located in Africa, I have to buy a PC with Windows 7 from Microsoft before I can get an upgrade to Win 8. No custom version offered. If I click on China where I am temporarily posted, only the Chinese version of Win 8 is on offer. A visit to the Windows Shop site is equally impossible and maddening. What I need is a link, (http://www........) where I can buy and download a custom English version of Win without any such hassles. I would really be very happy if such a link could be supplied to me!
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    The only downloadable version of Windows 8 that I've seen so far is the introductory special on the upgrade version, and it's available only through the Upgrade Assistant. Which helps you not at all. I suppose that the restrictions of the Upgrade Assistant wouldn't apply to copies obtained through MSDN, but that's probably not cost effective for a single copy.

    (Incidentally: the Microsoft Store in the local mall only has the retail WIn8 Pro Upgrade on its shelves. No full version yet. It's available online, but not for download, as far as I know.)

    Good luck. I think you'll need it.
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    You said you just bought a laptop so enter it's details and download an English copy of Windows 8 Pro. It's really not hard
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    I managed to phone Microsoft Support in America. Mr. tw33k, I'm afraid your advice is not correct. There is no full or custom version of Win 8 you can buy and download from Microsoft yet. They only have the upgrade version for sale at this point in time. And a Win 8 PRC installation cannot upgrade to an English installation. Microsoft Support told me there are two ways of deciding or changing the language. The first is when you install Windows. You then decide (or install) the core language, for instance English, which cannot be changed later, at least not by the user. The second is a language pack you can install. You can install other languages later. But its not really a satisfactory solution in the case of Win 8 PRC. They advised me to contact Microsoft China in Beijing so that they can try to do something by means of remote connection. Did you mark my thread as solved? The matter is not solved. I would appreciate the opportunity to mark the issue as solved when I have actually reached a solution.
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    I'm an American living in New York. I lived and worked overseas for 17 years on 4 continents, in some pretty rough, backward countries. Five Years in Vietnam. So I know the drill trying to find a Christmas tree in Africa or a Turkey for Thanksgiving. Or to watch pro football ! And to buy clothes and shoes !!!!!!! On some contracts I had diplomatic privileges that made it easy to order and bring in items. If you are military or State Department importing should be easy.

    There are four companies here around me that have computer supplies on line: You would need to buy the disc and have it imported.

    Costco *( A wholesale warehouse company that is International and - not sure - maybe not in China but several in Taiwan. I have seen BOTH versions of Windows 8 in their store here close to my home; the "clean install" complete AND the upgrade.

    Oop's - Just remembered, you have to be a member to order, sorry.

    Welcome to Costco Wholesale

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    I Googled some Windows 8 downloads and found this:

    windows 8 downloads - Google Search
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    Check this out - MAYBE ????

    windows 8 pro | Staples®

    Windows 8 both versions ????? Can be ordered on line as downloads.

    Has to be paid for at checkout with a valid credit card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tw33k View Post
    You said you just bought a laptop so enter it's details and download an English copy of Windows 8 Pro. It's really not hard
    I haven't the faintest idea what you're posting. Do you?
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    Would it be possible to download an english of windows 7 (but don't buy an activation key), then once that's installed use the Windows 8 upgrade advisor?
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How do I buy & download non-upgrade Win 8 from Microsoft?
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