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Alt key codes in Windows 8

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    Alt key codes in Windows 8

    I'm on a new Dell that came with Windows 8 preinstalled, so this isn't an upgrade. I can't use the alt key to get the old symbol/codes. I always have typed 'alt-0176 on the keypad to get the degree symbol - it doesn't work anymore. Can anyone help me figure out what combo works now? When I type alt-0, the minute I hit the 0, there's a big '1' that appears on my monitor and that's it. It's like an overlay. Has this functionality been removed? Is there any character map type app that can I can copy and paste from? Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can type in character map at the start screen...
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    It works on mine.
    as long as you have the number lock on and using the numeric keypad instead of alpha/ numeric keys it should work for you.
    just my 1 (adjusted for inflation)
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    South of Boston, MA
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    The interesting thing here is I don't have a Num Lock key on this keyboard. The keypad works, but you can't turn it on or off. I guess I'll have to get a different keyboard, it's what came with the computer.
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    Do you have a full keypad with separate numbers, or are the numbers part of the QWERTY keys? On my Lenovo, they're the latter. So I have to first use the Fn + NmLk to get the numbers locked, then use Alt + nnn to do the character code.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Windows8 and WinXP

    I have a full keypad on my keyboard. It's a desktop, not a laptop.
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    Windows 8 has done a very extensive makeover of the keystrokes.

    Let me interject that anyone who expects to get the full benefit of Windows 8 and be productive is only deluding themselves if they do not go to the book store and buy a Windows 8 book. In my case I went to Barnes & Noble and bought Windows 8 step by step by Ciprian Rusen and Joli Bellaw. On pages 628 thru 632, 5 pages, they list the keystrokes. The book lists for $29.99 but Barnes had a special promo 30% off.

    I'm assuming that the degree sign is being used in word processing. At least that's my input reference here. In my Microsoft Word 2007, up across the top there is the task bar. By clicking on "insert" over on the right side there is a box containing selections "equations" and "symbols". Clicking on "symbols" activates a drop down menu with a huge array of all sorts of symbols for various disciplines, scientific, math, languages, more. Highlighting the desired symbol then clicking "insert" places it into the text.

    I tried your alt, numeric and it didn't work for me. When I got to the number (1) one it opened a drop down Menu. I also tried the alternate suggestion, numbers lock and th numeric keypad and hat also did not work for me.

    The degree symbol has a multi application, temperature, mathematic angle or navigation, compass heading.

    Since the symbols in the word processing won't be available when typing a post for a forum or an E-mail, the text can be created in the word document then copied and pasted into the desired location.

    A moderator on another Windows 8 forums website created a clickable link to the new keystrokes. I copied it and printed, keeping it close for reference. I
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    wetibbe ▬ Let me interject that anyone who expects to get the full benefit of Windows 8 and be productive is only deluding themselves if they do not go to the book store and buy a Windows 8 book.

    Are you for real? ? Besides the expense, not everyone can comprehend what those books say.
    Did you happen to click the 'STORE' tile on Windows 8 Start Panel? There are a couple FREE Windows 8 books in there.

    I'd like to interject that anyone who believes one book has all the answers for Windows 8; has been deluded.

    DegreesSymbol via Alt+numeric keys does not require Microsoft Word 2007 but it will work in Microsoft 2007 as an alternative to the way you mentioned as gospel. Actually; your method is an alternative to the Alt+ method.

    I see you haven't been a club member for long so WELCOME ! To our club with more knowledge than 100 books.
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    reinbeau - Num Lock is the key above 7 on numeric keypad.
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    The poster typed 'alt-0176

    The " ' " is on the last key right on the second row adjacent to "enter". It is the lower of two symbols. the upper is ( " ).

    The "alt" can either be spelled out "a l t" or mean press the alt key. According to Windows 8 convention it isn't necessary to hold down the alt key after pressing it.

    The symbol " - " is found on the alpha keyboard. It is the last key right top row next to backspace.

    The symbol " - " is also found on the numeric keyboard upper right top row. It is the minus sign.

    I tried every combination of keystrokes. With numbers lock. Without numbers lock. NONE worked for me. I got smiley faces, drop down menus, text boxes, anything but a degree symbol.

    So trying to decipher what the poster means is not possible without an explanation of the PRECISE procedures, keystrokes and combinations thereof.

    As to who can afford the book - I can. Barnes & Noble has a dozen Windows 8 books costing from $8 to $35.

    My post was not intended to step on or impugn anyone. The procedure DOES NOT WORK FOR ME !

    If anyone wants to give a cogent explanation that can be understood I'll try again.

    Buying a book, furthermore, doesn't in any way overshadow, slander, defame, degrade, cheat on, the expertise on this forum. It's a supplement to learning.

    Thank you for the welcome. Much appreciated.
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Alt key codes in Windows 8
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