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Alt key codes in Windows 8

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    reinbeau- glad to hear you have some satisfaction finally. with exceptions in google firefox search pages. guess you will need to copy/paste the in them

    If you think you might need to save several items for copy/paste check out M8 Free Multiclipboard it is an awesome tool for more than copy/paste. It's a lifetime limited version of Spartan (paid full version) differences are basically M8 Free allows you to save 25 clips on 20 pages and 2 macros. Spartan allows you to save 523 clips on 20 pages and 144 macros. Both give full graphics editors.
    I never understood a thing about macros although I had heard about them. After watching the macro video, it was quite easy for me to create signin macros for all my signin sites.
    By default it also saves 25 clips or 523 clips recently deleted. You can turn it on/off.
    There are several ways to paste a clip into documents. One at a time. Bulk- one below the other or side by side. Bulk in cells going down. Bulk in cells going across. Bulk is the up to 25 most recent saved cells or up to 523 most recent saved cells.
    It has great Help files and videos. All are real short and the next one starts without interaction if you like waiting a few seconds.
    It's the secretary I never had.
    M8 Free Clipboard Free Clipboard software program: Free Multi Clipboard by M8 Software
    Videos The Best Clipboard manager for windows.

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    South of Boston, MA
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    I think you misunderstood. I'm in this textbox. I hit alt-0176 and I'm brought to a totally new page, within this tab, with a degree symbol in the Google search box

    I actually use Clipmate, and have for many years. I've got text characters stored in there. I'll end up using them, but I shouldn't have to. This is so frustrating....
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    I think I am misunderstanding. It almost sounds like you're activating a keyboard shortcut to open new page and insert degree symbol at same time.
    BTW- I checked clipmate. I was looking for graphics editor & ability to bulk paste clips into MS Word or Excel cells. Did I miss those options or are they just not available?
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    I have both Google Chrome and Foxfire on my computer, however, my browser is Internet Explorer.

    Can we review ?

    You typed alt-0176.

    pcRAT said it has to be typed on the numeric keys; no other keys such as - or " or ' are to be pressed.

    So it is written alt 0176.

    Further, the numbers lock has to be ON.

    I press the alt key and HOLD it down while entering 0176. Then when I release the appears.

    I tried it here in the response text box, I tried it in Google Chrome in the search box and in the Foxfire search box as well as in Microsoft Word and it does work in all of them.

    When I try it with the Numbers Lock OFF it does strange things. As I release the alt switch/button the page changes to my home page.

    I really can't understand why yours shouldn't work too. You are in Windows 8 and on this website's conventions.

    If the browser type; Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, or Foxfire work for me it should work for you too.

    I tried all sorts of combinations that acted up until I followed the instructions precisely. I'm sure you know that each keystroke is key specific. For example when I type my user name or password, if I make a mistake on only one key it doesn't complete and I get rejected. Too some sites are upper case or lower case specific.

    It should work for you. Can't see why not.
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    I tinkered around with Teds alt symbols down in the chill out room with different combos :

    Piso X alt 167

    Piso X alt 0167

    Piso X░ alt 176
    Piso X alt 0176

    Piso X alt 147

    PisoX alt 0147

    Piso X alt 148

    Piso X

    32 Fahrenheit alt 0176

    0 Celsius alt 0176

    Compass heading North 360 alt 0176

    Compass heading North 360 alt 167

    As it says symbols may not work in some browsers or word processing. There is/are also the HTML and classic view's.

    As you can see there are a couple of ways to place the little round symbol and a couple of sizes too.

    Most probably if you tinker a little more and try other browsers it will work.


    On a laptop computer, there usually is no numeric keypad. So, instead, depress the Fn (function) key, then the Alt key, then the numerical code sequence. The numbers are on the fronts of certain keyboard keys: M=0, J=1, K=2, L=3, U=4, I=5, O=6, 7=7, 8=8, and 9=9.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Just wanted to let you all know I figured it out. Finally. It turns out there was software called Multiview, that allowed control of multiple monitors (I only have one) that was installed with the new Samsung monitor I bought. It had taken control of the alt key function. I found it, uninstalled it, and now all is well. Alt characters work fine
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    Fantastic. Great;

    Thank you for your indulgence and determination. I'm very impressed.
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    I'm having a similar problem with Alt codes. Sometimes I can use the Alt codes for accents over letters o, or the tilda over an n. But often when I use those Alt codes, another Google Chrome window pops up, or attempts to (I get a message asking me if I want to leave this page), or the window moves to the task bar. I'll pay attention to these errors to provide more detail. It's getting really annoying because I'm working on learning Spanish, and those symbols are used all the time. Any ideas how to solve this? I searched for the "Multiview" program as suggested above, but apparently my computer doesn't have that.

    I'm using an HP Pavilion 23, running Windows 8.

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Alt key codes in Windows 8
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