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Alt key codes in Windows 8

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    Do not press - or + keys.

    Press and hold down the Alt key
    1. While holding down the Alt key,
    2. Press the 0 (zero) key on numeric keypad
    3. Press the 1 (one) key on numeric keypad
    4. Press the 7 (seven) key on numeric keypad
    5. Press the 6 (six) zero key on numeric keypad

    It has to be on the Numeric Keypad. Not the number keys above Alphabet keys.

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    Once you get the hang of it visit here to see more Alt+ codes
    ☺ ☻ ▬ ► ♫ ◄ ☼ ▲ ♂ ▼ ♀ ↑ ↓ ≥ → ≤ ← ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ≈
    and more
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    If anyone wants to give a cogent explanation that can be understood I'll try again.

    I apologize wetibbe. I had to google the definition of cogent. Those little words always give my 6th grade education a run for it's money.

    It was not working for you because even though you were right about the placement of all those keys. Alt+ or Alt- or whatever variation you choose to use; you DO NOT PRESS the + or - keys. They are placeholders for the word and.

    In other words Hold down the Alt key and press the number 0176 on the numeric keypad and Release the Alt key.
    Thanks for teaching me a new word today.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Windows8 and WinXP

    The key above the 7 on my keyboard is a Clear key. This is not a typical keyboard, obviously, even though it's the basic keyboard Dell supplied me when I purchased this Inspiron 660 desktop.

    Please understand I am no newbie to computers, Windows, or understanding technology (and yes, I have purchased a Windows 8 book). The ability to use the alt key and the numeric keypad has nothing to do with word processing. This is something I've been doing for YEARS in Windows, on computers going back to the beginning of windows. You can type these alt key characters into any text box. Copying and pasting out of a word processing program, or Character Map, is at best, a kludge, if you know these codes - it's much quicker to type alt-0176 for the degree symbol, or alt-0162 for the cent symbol - I know many of them by heart. But they don't seem to work in Windows 8.

    I am going to try a different keyboard. I will report back. I don't mean to sound churlish, but some of the answers I've received seem to be as the result of not understanding what I'm talking about - a basic Windows function, really. Perhaps they took the ability out of Windows 8, if they did, that's a damned shame.
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    reinbeau ▬ I understand fully what you are saying and I have been there. Not all keyboards are created equal.
    What model is your Dell? Is there a model # on bottom of keyboard?

    It seems I had a regular keyboard a few years ago. That I had to press Fn key + another key to lock numbers.
    That's why I'm asking your model #'s. There may be something in your Dell manual.
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    I was checking something else and found this, anything is possible.

    Check these instructions and make sure the mouse keys are not enabled.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    I was checking something else and found this, anything is possible.

    Check these instructions and make sure the mouse keys are not enabled.
    Thank you but no, they're not enabled. I searched around on the start screen (I don't look at that much, I've got EnhanceMy8 installed so I see a normal desktop) and I don't see a manual specific to the Dell. I turned over the keyboard, it has a lot of numbers on a small label:

    Made in China
    DP/N ON8Wf8

    Not much to go on. It's a very basic keyboard. The Dell is the Inspiron 660, has the I5 processor and 8 gigs of RAM, it's nice....There's got to be a way to actualy turn on num lock. I'll keep searching, maybe I'll call Dell tomorrow....

    ETA Well, I've read a few other people having the same issue with no num lock key, and basically Dell says 'well, you cheaped out and didn't pay for a decent keyboard'. Really. So you have to pay $59 or $79 for a decent keyboard from Dell. Good to know. I'll think twice now before I buy another one. I've always had good luck with Dell, but this has soured me.
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    Opa !!!!!!! Success, now it does work both in this post response and also in Microsoft Word.

    Doing it without using the numbers lock kicks me off the site and back to my home page !!!!!

    Thank you pcRAT for your patience and assistance.

    When I prepared my Christmas mailing labels one was for Spain. The apartment floor was Piso X . That gave me a very hard time but now, thanks to you, it's much easier.


    Yes it still works !

    I find it hard to believe that there isn't a numbers lock on your Dell keyboard. That's a first for me. But I'm a Hewlett Packard man. I've purchased probably a couple dozen computers over the last 20 - 30 years for various purposes and people.

    My HP's and Presario's always came with a wired keyboard and mouse. Whenever the keyboard degraded I bought Logitech's and Microsoft's. Then I got tired of the wires and went wireless. That was a giant step for me, happy to get rid of those wires. The "sender"/"transmitter" is a plug in & play to USB port. The most recent about half the size of a postage stamp.

    My clear preference is the Logitech. It's a MK700/MK710. It has programmable dual purpose F keys for home page, mail, search, magnifier and several other. Also volume control. And a calculator key.

    For my last three computers I went to Costco and bought a wireless keyboard and left the HP keyboard in the box unused. I think they cost around $69 - $79.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Windows8 and WinXP

    Good to know, wetibbe. I'll go out and get a new keyboard today.
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    South of Boston, MA
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    Windows8 and WinXP

    New keyboard. alt-0176 will make a degree symbol, but in a new Firefox Google search page.....I give up.
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Alt key codes in Windows 8
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