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windows 8 start screen does not load

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    windows 8 start screen does not load

    Windows 8 start screen is not loading? I am using task manager to open my computer and everything else. any advise?

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    Try a system restore.
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    nope - system restore dont help? is there a way i can manually start it thru task manager?
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    im sorry if u misunderstood - is there a way to load the start screen manually through the task manager? (not the systemrestore)
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    Did System Restore work and start still can't be accessed or System restore did not work?
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    This is the easiest option I could think of:Refresh Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbilal View Post
    Windows 8 start screen is not loading? I am using task manager to open my computer and everything else. any advise?
    Here are some possibilities:

    Option 1:
    Startup to installer--Install DVD or Install Flash Drive;
    Choose language, etc.
    Hit next
    Choose “Repair your computer”
    Choose “Troubleshoot” for these options:
    Refresh your PC
    Reset your PC
    Advanced Options

    Choose "Advanced Options" for these additional options:
    System Restore
    System Image Recovery
    Automatic Repair
    Command Prompt

    The options in bold are the ones I think are more pertinent to you at this point.

    Refresh your PC—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user files (similar to what a repair install does WRT to system files at least under earlier Win versions). User files still should be backed up. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided. Settings will be changed back to defaults.

    Reset your PC—Removes everything and reinstalls Win8.

    Automatic Repair—Attempts to make repairs needed to allow Win8 to startup properly.

    Opinon 2: If you have an ISO, then mount the ISO and run set up. In effect, you will be able to choose to Refresh your PC or to Reset Your PC.

    Edit: I rewrote the above for (hopefully) clarity enhancement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarka Dal View Post
    Did System Restore work and start still can't be accessed or System restore did not work?

    system restore worked, but start screen still cant be accessed..
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    As Znod says
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windows 8 start screen does not load
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