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Accessing Win7 use data and files from Win8 install on HD

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    Accessing Win7 use data and files from Win8 install on HD

    I am dualbooting Win8 and Win7, using one 500gb hard drive. Win7 has been my main OS, so all of my music, photos, etc. are stored there.

    How can I access the user data from my Win7 install , from my Win8 install?

    Everytime I try to go to it from Win8 ---- > My computer it says that I don't have permission to access the files for that user,then attempts to do so for some random period of time, and in the end nothing happens.
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    I have noticed for quite awhile that your post has had no replies. It doesn't seem like your problem should be too hard to solve--but the lack of replies suggests that it is not that easy to solve. Anyway, I am having no luck in solving your problem via searches.

    I don't want to say something like change the permissions because fooling with the permissions of bootable partitions labeled with drive letters might be problematic. I certainly don't suggest that you try to do so without knowing for sure what the consequences might be. I have some questions. Can you access the Win8 drive from your Win7 partition? Are both partitions labeled with drive letters in Computer? If yes, what happens when you double click the Win7 drive having started up to Win8 and vice versa? How have you been trying to access the Win7 partition from Win8. Does device manager show any issues with your hard drive from either boot?

    I suggest that you don't do anything until one of the real experts here gives the OK. If you decide to take a risk, be sure your data files are well backed up.
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    I would boot to the Windows 7 system and check to see if the folders can be shared if not set them to be shared.
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    My practice is always separating Windows OS and data, that is using C drive for Windows OS and Installed programs only. my Documents, Musics, Pictures etc... are always in different partition or hard drive so that if I have a need to backup/restore Windows then I don't have to worry about backing up my data.

    Having said that, I assume that from Windows 7, you have your Documents, Musics, Pictures etc.... saved in My documents, My Musics, My Pictures under Windows 7 C:\Users\your Username. If so then you'll have problem accessing these folders from Windows 8. To be able to access these folders, you need to boot up Windows 7, right click on your Windows 7 Username->Security->edit and add "Everyone" to the users list. of course, this will open a security hole but if you are the only one to use your PC then it should be OK.
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Accessing Win7 use data and files from Win8 install on HD
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