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    I just had to buy a new comp...(P2-1343w) with windows 8
    I what to rid it of windows 8..and go to windows xp
    what do i need to do this?
    XP is unlikely to work on any new machine, there simply won't be any drivers for the hardware.

    I would suggest giving Windows 8 a chance.. get a book, there are several free books available that will teach you more about it.

    Worst case, I would not suggest going further back than Windows 7.
    Here's a pdf file that helps Download Windows 8 and Windows RT Product Guide from Official Microsoft Download Center

    If you're having problems with understanding the 'Start Panel & no Start button' this may help. It's like a short tutorial I made to help people not be lost without the start button.

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    i use asus for the last 3 years now all i use is asrock fm2 pro 75 -4 and pro 85-6 motherboard .
    asus use to be really good but now they are made so sheap in china if read reviews a lot of peoples are having a lot problem with them .
    bot only that asrock are made in us .
    on one of my computer i dual boot xp and win 7
    i do buy all my parts from .i live in canada.
    some of case i pay 140.00 for micro atx case plus tax and shiiping
    a good case have to be at least 0.08 thick to be a really good case [thermatake and cool master are good case also nzxt are good
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    i did not mention all my computer are amd not intel .
    the intel cpu are way to custly for me .a i7 cpu is close to 300.00 .
    now amd just came out with a 8 core that is really close to i7 and for a lot less money
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    How exactly do you use your computer if it doesn't have any video subsystem?

    AMD does have the new Piledriver CPU's, however they are not really in the same class as the i7 for a number of reasons. They're closer to the i5.

    The FX 8350 scores significantly below the i7 3770k on the Passmark test, rating a 9,249 while the i7 is 9,644. Keep in mind that the i7 runs at 3.5 Ghz while the 8350 runs at 4Ghz. What's more, the 8350 draws about 2x the power of the i7, so while the chip might be cheaper, you're more than making up for it in higher energy bills spread out across the life of the chip. On top of that, the motherboard chipet for the AM3+ draws a lot more power than something like the z77 as well.

    The 8350 costs $209 at Newegg, but I got my 3770k at Micro Center for $229 (their everyday price... their 8350 is $189, so a cost difference of $40). Oh, and they frequently have specials where if you buy a motherboard with it in a bundle, you save another $50.

    I gave up on AMD a long time ago, you may save a little money, but you end up spending a lot more in the long run.
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    ok .on one of my computer a have a intel ssd 180 gbs .on one a have a crusial m4-128 gbs .one i have a wd valocity raptor 10000 rpm 250 gbs one i have a wd black carviar 7200 rpm 500 gbs.
    if you need any thing more ask me
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    getting off topic, the op still hasn't got an answer as if he/she can install windows xp on his new HP tower.

    ignore aftermarket motherboards
    ignore cpu debates....they are boring now.

    this thread has gotten wildly off topic and should get back in line with the thread starters question.
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    if you have the motherboard cd that came with your compter after you install xp then on the cd you have the mobo driver on it .
    this is what i do .after xp install i put my mobo cd and downloard all the driver .etc.etc
    this is what i do with any install i do .and i do a lot of install
    never had a problem yet
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    now am not to familiar with hp computer .
    just maybe they are differente some way .
    but i cant see any problem .
    and also you should have window 8 cd that came with right .
    if you do install xp and if any thing go wrong reinstall wind 8 .
    but to me your best bet is window 7 .the there is for now any way .
    i know i use them all now .well not wind 8 .not for me at all .waste of money to me
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), Linux Mint 17.1 MATE (64 bit)

    Check the manufacturer's website ...

    Check the manufacturer's website for XP drivers first, otherwise change to W7.
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    Isn't amazing how thread comments can get so off topic real fast?

    Or, I was thinking today, you can install Classic Shell (scathing gulp) in Windows 8 to bring back a start menu, so that way you can use the familiar that you're used to, while also having the Start Screen to learn it and figure it out, and get used to the newer aspect of Windows 8.
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windows 8 sucks
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