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Short Battery Life Sinks First Windows 8 Notebooks

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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    sound good to me either way ,, given that the battery in my laptop [5yrs old ] only last 55

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0bR View Post
    Why not compare both OS's on the same system? Its quite obvious touch screens draw more power. Also I wouldn't call the difference "significant".
    And window8 is a touch screen ui to test that on a non touch screen in not fair either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    I have to call some BS on this as I've never seen anywhere saying that battery life is sucky on Windows 8, if anything, Windows 8 INCREASES battery life.
    it's not bs at all, the savings windows 8 makes on normal systems without the higher resolutions and touch are lost when those two are added again.

    higher res draws more power from the gpu
    touchscreen draws more power.

    so the end result is about the same battery life...seems about right to me.

    the problem that this article should be focusing on instead of making comparisons that can't be fully appreciated is the abomination that is current battery technology.

    1-2 years ago, a change was found that allowed a battery to charge in under 5 minutes, this was done by changing the size and shape of the 2 metal parts of the capacitor...the current limiting factor in charging speed, simply put the current capacitors take longer to store their charge....the better question is why hasn't this been adopted yet?

    why are batteries so crap? it's actually quite simple really, money.
    do you honestly think a regenerating circuit is difficult to build into a phone? well with current battery tech it wouldn't work well as they take to long to charge.

    it all ends up coming down to money.

    and that's a rant at the shocking state of the battery industry over for the next year.
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Short Battery Life Sinks First Windows 8 Notebooks
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