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The Windows 8 Train Crash!

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    There are a lot of issues with the whole Xbox Music experience, from the change of DRM that won't allow previously downloaded Zune Pass music to play in Windows 8, to the Music App only working off the library which you can't add a network location to. I don't have my WP8 yet so I've decided to deal with the frustrations of this new experience at a later time when I get one. For now my WP7 works fine with Zune on my Win7 laptop. Hopefully Microsoft will fix some of this stuff before I get my new phone.

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    I use (VLC Media Player) no problem with DRM… never use WMP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philgates View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I personally don't use the Xbox Music app anymore, as it's a poor poor version of Zune, it's not even discussable. I have to ask, your app updated? Everything up to date everywhere? Your Microsoft Account has the Xbox Live association everywhere?

    Microsoft will be releasing a major update sometime next month to include a Cloud player thing among others things, so we'll see.

    Personally, I'm using Music Info for my music playing needs. It looks better than Xbox Music ALL AROUND. But, it's a bit shaky as it can crash from time to time, kinks are still being worked out.

    Agree with you on this, I'm not a fan of this Xbox Music app at all, not many are, compared with Zune! here are a few quotes from Neowin forum:

    "I have a surface and windows 8 pc. I have cloud settings turned off and every time I load app it says its downloading music!!! I have installed all my paid for music in my Xbox music folder for local listening. I would like someone to explain to me why this is happening? Also id like to hear from some Zuners what they think of the Xbox music app because to me it has a lot of work to be done to it before it comes close to Zunes functionality. Thanks"
    "They definitely need to bring back a LOT of functionality that Zune had. I'm surprised there's no way to change the sorting of music when viewing by artists in your own collection. It just defaults to songs which is lame. It's also sluggish when it has a few thousand songs compared to Zune which handles it gracefully. There's no obvious way to change the position of the song. There's no "my picks" in the marketplace that shows relevant results. No Social, which was "removed" from Zune, but is actually still functional if you don't restart Zune after a fresh install. If it weren't for the free streaming, I wouldn't even use the app."
    Other users were also unhappy with certain features being missing. In a different thread, bguy_1986 lamented the fact that music ratings aren't available in the Xbox Music app.

    "Did Microsoft take away all song rating stuff in Xbox music? Can I no longer like or dislike a song like I could with Zune or am I just missing how to do this? If you can rate a song, is there a way you can create an auto playlist of your favorite music like you could in Zune? Loved that feature!"
    For the most part, Neowin users seem to be unhappy with the state of the Xbox Music app!!.............
    UGH! It's just so frustrating that the Zune UI can literally, honest to GOD, can be real easily taken over to the Windows 8 metro style WITHOUT difficultly! Just resize some buttons, move some controls into the app command bar, and make it more efficient on system resource, BAM! That's all!
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The Windows 8 Train Crash!
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