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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it

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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    Microsoft with there metro ui has turned my laptop into a pocket toy and has removed the ui from the desktop to downgrade your
    desktop or laptop into a pocket toy. If I had wanted a pocket toy I would have bought an Apple product or Android.
    I should not have to install another product to upgrade my OP system back to where it was before the downgrade to Window8.
    Microsoft is being a BULLY here it is time to hurt them where they will listen in the pocket book. Yes some people can be made to
    drink from the horse trough but I choose not to. Lenovo even installed a ui on the desktop.

    Most of the adds on TV on Window8 are kids toys so if you want to down grade to toys I will not stop you but I will not be silent
    about it to MS I will tell them where to put metro in a heart beat.
    I think i will duck my head after reading that

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    Okay, okay, I love Windows 8, but I did install a free Start Button from the web.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Okay, okay, I love Windows 8, but I did install a free Start Button from the web.
    but i stall have to say why cant you just hit the desktop icon in start and enjoy win8 , if you love it so , that what i do and if i want to use app or get apps from app stor i do so ,if i just want to use my regular program i have installed i just pin them to taskbar ,and enjoy win8 ,like i did win 3.11 [well maybe not enjoy but it was fun learning ]w95win98 and winxp and win7

    gets better the more you discover ,like going to start and just start typing what you want to search and it pops up ,without to charms bar and clicking on search.
    or right click on the lower let corner start icon ,give option to go anywhere the old start took you and even more places .
    i really like win8 no matter what anyone says to the contrary
    i don't have it on a laptop but im sure it will work just the why my laptop with vista or win7 does,and not like a toy
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    Quote Originally Posted by musiclover7 View Post
    How bout this then. Among those who actually like the change, how many of you would dis-like having the start menu back? My guess is that number is close to zero, if folks were truly honest..
    truly honest?

    no i wouldn't like it back, i would prefer them to fix metro.

    and in desktop mode have a start button as well, that transition is just uggg.

    well here you are i like windows 8 and i like metro's looks(not it's lack of functionality).

    i also tried the classic shell, simply so i could offer it to customers and know how to set it up, not so i could use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
    Okay, what shortfalls are you referring to?
    I've pointed out a number of things in various posts and I'll try to recapture all of these here, but might miss one or two. These are my views where Windows 8 falls short, specifically with the Modern interface and nothing else:

    • The traditional desktop should have been available, as with Windows 7, so that traditional users were not alienated and could have experimented with the Modern interface in their own time. Nothing would have been lost, but much could have been gained by allowing a progressive introduction to the Modern interface.
    • The Modern interface needs to be more flexible so that users are not restricted to pre-set icon sizes or full-screen app sizes.
    • Every app should be able to be opened at the very least in a range of pre-determined sizes and not just full screen or part of a screen with another app.
    • Every app should be able to be opened and moved anywhere on the screen or over multiple screens to suit the users needs/desires.
    • You should be able to open as many apps as is practical, at the size you have selected, on any number of screens.
    • When an app is selected, it should be able to be worked on (input data etc) at the size the user has selected and not only at full screen.
    • Once you've selected a range of apps for your personal start screen, that is what should open up every time on start-up.

    I may have missed one or two points, but that's the gist of it. Am I being too pedantic or unrealistic with what I envisage would make Windows 8 a true step forward.

    pretty much covered everything that would make windows 8 the perfect o/s.

    funny thing is, these changes would also benifit the surface tablets, pro/rt for buisness use being able to use the metro app version of powerpoint and drag it across to another screen without the need to duplicate the screens or switch to the other display only. obviously that's just one use.
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    Why did I install a Start Button if I like Windows 8 so much? I have always added free improvements to every operating system I have, and I want the traditional Start Button. I skipped Windows Vista, but I have loved Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, XP, and 7. However, except for 3.1 (not much available) I have always added improvements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by musiclover7 View Post
    How bout this then. Among those who actually like the change, how many of you would dis-like having the start menu back? My guess is that number is close to zero, if folks were truly honest..
    Actually I am using the new Start Menu despite having purchased Start8 and having criticized the change so much.

    But there is an explanation.

    It is faster for me to open the programs in Metro Start Menu. Faster than the traditional Vista/W7 menu.

    But... I have taken quite some time to organize the icons the way I want and memorize everything. So, at the moment I have my main programs icons in the taskbar, the secondary programs that I open sometimes in the Metro menu located in the first positions, and the rest of them can be opened either by scrolling the Metro menu to the right (boring), typing the name (boring) or opening the Start8 traditional start menu (by pressing Windows key) (which is also boring and actually the longest option).

    So... of course I suscribe the critics, but at the moment I use Metro menu mainly because it is just faster when well organized and memorized (not easy to memorize how and where you have to open each program).
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    I haven't met a single person who likes it either.

    Quote Originally Posted by musiclover7 View Post
    My point in posting the thread though, is that I have yet to talk with anyone who likes it. I work in IT, and talk with a lot of computer users. One would think that by now, I would have talked with at least one person who actually likes it and yet this is not the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    On point one, I would not really agree that the traditional desktop is far away (One click of an icon) But it certainly would have helped lesser knowledgable users to have left the start globe/menu intact.
    Yes on most of the other points, which are all interlinked. It is certainly not easy to multi task if you use only Metro apps.

    I don't follow your last point? I have my start desktop arranged to suit me. It opens exactly on that everytime I boot.
    The point is, that the OS boots up to metro, and is metro centric, rather than desktop centric. So even if you only have to click once to access the desktop, the OS still feels like it was not designed with you in mind. Choice... Choice... Choice... Why do you think Android is killing it right now? Because they don't make their user base feel like they don't know what is best for them on a semi regular basis. What the heck is wrong with Choice? Give me one good reason..
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    I have been a Microsoft user since the days of typed-in commands on DOS. I upgraded to Windows 8 (Pro) to utilize the file history and to reduce dependency on 3rd party programs. I’m a researcher, with over 10 years of data, and work mainly with photographs and old .pdf scientific journals. Including photographs, .pdf files and word documents I have over 100,000 files.

    Had to install 3rd party Classic Shell since I work with 4 to 6 programs open at one time and need to resize windows.
    Had to install 3rd party Adobe .pdf reader since Win 8 reader will not resize or work with Office.
    Had to install 3rd party Java to do Google searches and correctly work with other web sites.
    Had to install 3rd party Agent Ransack to search .pdf files.

    Data does not entirely copy from an external hard drive. Missing days, months and even entire years.
    In Windows viewer for photographs, deleting one photograph, then clicking on right arrow to see next photograph results in another delete, and another, and another.
    No consistent view for files, resulting in up to 6 clicks, depending on the information I need.
    Right-clicking on file properties results in a 10 second delay sometimes.
    Programs occasionally open only to task bar if 2nd monitor is not on.
    No notification on Windows Updates or Windows Defender.

    Privacy Issues:
    Forced to include a user name on initial installation, this name appears on path of all uploaded files.
    Customer Experience Improvement Program for operating system.
    Bluetooth Customer Experience Improvement Program.
    Apps – location, user name, send information to Windows Store.
    GPS locator enhanced devices are pinged by Microsoft to obtain physical locations.

    My Conclusions:
    I believe Windows 8 is a cheap toy operating system designed to appeal to the twenty to thirty-something crowd. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to store information about users. Their mail program won’t except pop 3 – so most set up a Microsoft mail account. Cloud computing results in Microsoft stored information about their users, their mail, their e-mail contacts, Facebook friends, documents, web browsing, right down to the physical location of users.

    The operating system is inherently unstable. I believe Microsoft has forsaken small business and serious computers users to cash in on data mining.
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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it
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