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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it

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    Is that what you're doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
    Okay, what shortfalls are you referring to?
    I've pointed out a number of things in various posts and I'll try to recapture all of these here, but might miss one or two. These are my views where Windows 8 falls short, specifically with the Modern interface and nothing else:

    • The traditional desktop should have been available, as with Windows 7, so that traditional users were not alienated and could have experimented with the Modern interface in their own time. Nothing would have been lost, but much could have been gained by allowing a progressive introduction to the Modern interface.
    • The Modern interface needs to be more flexible so that users are not restricted to pre-set icon sizes or full-screen app sizes.
    • Every app should be able to be opened at the very least in a range of pre-determined sizes and not just full screen or part of a screen with another app.
    • Every app should be able to be opened and moved anywhere on the screen or over multiple screens to suit the users needs/desires.
    • You should be able to open as many apps as is practical, at the size you have selected, on any number of screens.
    • When an app is selected, it should be able to be worked on (input data etc) at the size the user has selected and not only at full screen.
    • Once you've selected a range of apps for your personal start screen, that is what should open up every time on start-up.

    I may have missed one or two points, but that's the gist of it. Am I being too pedantic or unrealistic with what I envisage would make Windows 8 a true step forward.
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    Don't have time to respond in full tonight, but I will say that I don't disagree with some of the stuff you listed.
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    On point one, I would not really agree that the traditional desktop is far away (One click of an icon) But it certainly would have helped lesser knowledgable users to have left the start globe/menu intact.
    Yes on most of the other points, which are all interlinked. It is certainly not easy to multi task if you use only Metro apps.

    I don't follow your last point? I have my start desktop arranged to suit me. It opens exactly on that everytime I boot.
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    The bottom line to me is that there would be many more lovers of Windows 8 if they had the start button option.

    Why did Microsoft chose to upset so many people is beyond me, it would have been easy to give their customers the option and there would be happiness throughout the land.

    They seem to be helping their competitors..........
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    I don't follow your last point? I have my start desktop arranged to suit me. It opens exactly on that everytime I boot.
    My last point is a follow-on from being able to do what I suggested in the previous points.
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    Hi 'Musiclover 7', No disrespect to your point of view but I do find it difficult to accept that for someone working in IT you find W8 presents difficulties. Recently I also read an 'post' from someone claiming to teach IT that they found it totally unusable. I feel sorry for anyone taking instructions from them.
    My purpose in replying to your 'post' is to put the other side of the coin and hopefully encourage 'Newbies and Doubters' to give W8 a fair try and not be put-off by such negativity. I might add I have no connection whatsoever with Microsoft other than to buy and for the most part use their products with satisfaction.
    On the afternoon of 25th October I was able to pay and download my discounted copy of Windows 8 Pro having qualified by purchasing a new PC after June of this year.By 1616 the same day it was fully installed and up and running with only one minor problem; the Apps wouldn't function. I soon traced this to them being blocked by my Firewall and that was soon corrected and all was well.
    Having read many articles on the new W8 and seen quite a number of tutorials in the previous month I found that I was soon 'at home' with the new OS. One splendid piece of advice I'd received stood me in good stead, namely to first spend some time arranging, organising and naming the Tiles in the Start Screen before venturing further. It proved to be well worth the time spent.
    Using both keyboard and mouse presented no problems at all and I was impressed by how easy and straight-forward it was.
    For some weeks now I've read many criticisms of the absence of the Start Button in the new OS and expected to have some problem there. I was delighted to find that it presented no problem at all and in fact the new Start Screen; instantly available from the same corner as the Start Button using the mouse or pressing the 'Windows Key' provided a much better access to the programs required; providing of course that you'd spent some little time in organising and grouping the program Tiles on the Start Screen. In fact I would say, Who needs a Start Button?!! In addition, having upgraded from Windows 7 I found my 'Desktop' in W 8 with exactly the same layout and settings as before and requiring no additional knowledge to operate.
    The other frequently mentioned criticism was the 'Steep Learning Curve'. I know I've spent quite some time researching the new OS prior to launch which has paid-off as I found learning the new technique comfortably easy. Personally I find it easy and logical to use and it seems so natural and NO - before anyone thinks I'm some young computer wizard with years of experience let me say I only came to computing after retirement and am well past my sell by date. In conclusion let me say I like the new OS which does already give me more than I had before and also promises to be more secure and stable and if that proves to be the case then it's a win-win situation.
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    don't really like change but always get use;[remembering win 3.1 to win95 ] to it it just takes time ,for me once i figure out the 4 corners i love it ,especually the lower left corner right click
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono View Post

    At any rate, MS should have included a tutorial for 8, like with their past operating systems. Metro basically provides the same functions as the start menu. it is not vastly different in function.
    I really think you have hit the nail on the head with that statement.That is why people are giving negatives, because they feel frustrated, and not sure what to do. I have had it for a week, and find it frustrating.I took a while to find out how to shut down at first. It is simple things like that, that could have been included in a tutorial, and i think it would have stopped a lot of the hate at first sight.Once the service pack is out, i think it will be more of a success. It is satisfying to have the eureka moments after the initial frustration when you find what you are looking for.
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    Microsoft with there metro ui has turned my laptop into a pocket toy and has removed the ui from the desktop to downgrade your
    desktop or laptop into a pocket toy. If I had wanted a pocket toy I would have bought an Apple product or Android.
    I should not have to install another product to upgrade my OP system back to where it was before the downgrade to Window8.
    Microsoft is being a BULLY here it is time to hurt them where they will listen in the pocket book. Yes some people can be made to
    drink from the horse trough but I choose not to. Lenovo even installed a ui on the desktop.

    Most of the adds on TV on Window8 are kids toys so if you want to down grade to toys I will not stop you but I will not be silent
    about it to MS I will tell them where to put metro in a heart beat.
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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it
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