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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it

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    BTW, the more I use Win8, the more I like it! I do have the "crutch" installed (Classic Shell), so I'm not using the Metro side very much, but once a day or so I venture over there and play a bit. I use my PC for work, so I need to remain as productive as possible and Win8 with Classic Shell works for me!

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    had some microsoft reps at my work today, training some other staff in the use of office 2013, got to talking a bit about windows 8, and when asked about how things were looking for the future of metro and some of the cross platform issues, they were keen to point out there was some fixes coming to how some apps are displayed in the store, some detection will help filter out the really useless apps, amoung some other changes he discussed.

    after a while of talking i found that there is some changes yet to come.

    when some of the changes will come they didn't say, service pack one should be out soon though apparently....kinda thought it would have been announced on here somewhere.
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    SP1 usually doesn't ship until about a year after the RTM release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    SP1 usually doesn't ship until about a year after the RTM release.
    from what i gather updates for windows 8 aren't going to follow the normal pattern, windows blue being an update but a far more comprehensive one. all they said no dates.

    besides i got a lot more out of them on other developments i'm more interested in that aren't windows related.
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    Whatever, the day MS address poeple's demands it will be frozen in hell.
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    haha, they may just hunker down until people forget about it or get programs that do it for them.

    well only time will tell what the future holds for us.
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    Windows 8 isn't going to probably have an SP1, as the Windows Blue update for Windows 8 will be released sometime mid-2013.
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    I'm using 8 PRO 32-bit with 4GB RAM.
    I actually like it. Especially after customizing it a little.
    1. I admit to getting frustrated at first with the lock screen because I couldn't get past it to login unless I restarted the pc. After some googling, I found out how to disable it but then the big clock was gone. Then I found out about holding left mouse button down and sliding mouse up to reveal users. And re-enabled the lock screen.
    2. Then the issue of making Start panel IE open like the Desktop IE was easy.
    3. Unpinning or Uninstalling Start panel apps I don't need by rightclicking on them.
    4a. Press any letter key on keyboard,
    4b. Press Backspace key,
    4c. rightclick on apps that I want on to pin on Start panel or pin to Taskbar.

    I have File Explorer, IE, & a Logout shortcut on my Taskbar.
    File Explorer, IE, Paint, Notepad, Shutdown, Restart & Logout on Start panel.

    People wouldn't have a problem if they realize that the Windows key is the Start button and the Start panel is All Programs in plain sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
    Okay, what shortfalls are you referring to?
    I've pointed out a number of things in various posts and I'll try to recapture all of these here, but might miss one or two. These are my views where Windows 8 falls short, specifically with the Modern interface and nothing else:
    The traditional desktop should have been available, as with Windows 7, so that traditional users were not alienated and could have experimented with the Modern interface in their own time. Nothing would have been lost, but much could have been gained by allowing a progressive introduction to the Modern interface.
    I agree that an option would have been a nice feature. On the other hand, it's obvious that MS wants people to get used to the new start screen and they know very well that 90% of people would have chosen to stick with the traditional start menu. They are sticking with Metro and possible revisions of it in the future. The traditional start menu is not coming back unless 8 and future iterations completely tank, which I don't think they will. Having both available at once would have been a nice feature though.

    The Modern interface needs to be more flexible so that users are not restricted to pre-set icon sizes or full-screen app sizes.
    Every app should be able to be opened at the very least in a range of pre-determined sizes and not just full screen or part of a screen with another app.
    Every app should be able to be opened and moved anywhere on the screen or over multiple screens to suit the users needs/desires.

    You should be able to open as many apps as is practical, at the size you have selected, on any number of screens.
    That's where potential problems arise. Having multiple apps open now isn't a problem because the apps that you aren't using are on standby. They use the very minimum of resources until you select it and start using it. Having multiple apps on the screen at once, as well as the possibility of multiple programs open at once on the desktop, could cause some serious memory issues on some computers. Now I doubt those with 8GB of ram will have an issue, but some people simply don't have that much. Maybe MS will offer some changes in Blue, making it possible, but I can see why they may have limited it. "Win 8 is a resource hog!" blah blah.

    When an app is selected, it should be able to be worked on (input data etc) at the size the user has selected and not only at full screen.
    Once you've selected a range of apps for your personal start screen, that is what should open up every time on start-up.
    Agreed. An option as to what apps you want automatically opened upon start up would be cool. Of course it would take some time to load them all at once if there are a lot of multiple apps. And of course, an option to start at the desktop would be a good option too, despite the fact that I think that "issue" isn't an issue at all.

    I may have missed one or two points, but that's the gist of it. Am I being too pedantic or unrealistic with what I envisage would make Windows 8 a true step forward.
    They may implement some key changes in Blue and beyond.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Windows 8 isn't going to probably have an SP1, as the Windows Blue update for Windows 8 will be released sometime mid-2013.
    I'm confused about this Windows Blue.

    I heard it will be free?

    And only after a few months after releasing Windows 8?

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I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it
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