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Which is better ? Refresh PC or Clean Reinstall ?

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    Which is better ? Refresh PC or Clean Reinstall ?

    Which is better ? Refresh PC or Clean Reinstall ?​

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    Clean Reinstall will do a better job but it will do what it says. It will Clean whatever you put on your system since you installed the operating system. Refresh will remove that apps that you installed but will not delete the files you made with MS Word, Excel, etc.
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    depends on what you want done
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    I have don a clean install of win 8, I run into a problem with windows not being
    Activated, I still had to do a Refresh of win 8 in order to activate it.
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    Is there difference in performance on those two options ?

    If there is which has better performance after I do the option ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovus View Post
    Which is better ? Refresh PC or Clean Reinstall ?​
    Refresh your PC—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user files (similar to what a repair install does WRT to system files at least under earlier Win versions). User files still should be backed up. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided. Settings will be changed back to defaults. To do a refresh, you will need to have install media.” ”Install media” include an install disc, or course, an ISO, and perhaps a flash drive set up to install. Advantages--Leaves your user files on disk; they still should be backed up. Leaves programs from Windows Store installed. Let's you know which apps might cause you problems; uninstalls them.

    Clean Reinstall--System reinstalled fresh; settings back to defaults. Allows partitioning and formatting before install (some lesser things too). Requires install media as above. Advantages--Allows partitioning and formatting before install (some other less frequently needed things too). Might do a better job of providing a clean system, but I doubt it

    Which is better? Your choice. Might as well try a refresh first unless the need/desire to partition or format is present.
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    Neither of those is better than simply creating a system image on a separate drive using Windows file recovery, when things go bad use that.

    If you create the image after you have installed all of your favorite programs it can save you hours of time.

    Of course this mostly applies to a desktop PC's where you have room for extra drives.
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    That's my plan too . After I refresh or reinstall my Windows 8, I'll update it and install my fav programs then I'll create a system image because they tell me it costs about 20 minutes
    thanks for all suggestions .
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    I always clean-installed previous versions of Windows. However, after making a system image of my win 7 64-bit desktop PC setup in case of disasters(!), I did a "dirty" install of windows 8 (64-bit) over the win 7 installation to see what happened. It has worked without any hassles and had the advantage of leaving me with a desktop that looked exactly as it did under win 7. (Saved a great deal of time, too!!)
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Which is better ? Refresh PC or Clean Reinstall ?
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