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OH man, OK well installed this shit W8, and have been trying to figure it out all day, took 5 hours to get the damned thing installed to a point I can even deal with it.

Anyway at least the damned sp59850 does work, and my graphics are no issue. But just about everything else is.

My Intel centrino wifi is shot, the driver/program just won't install. Pretty much all programs seem to have carried over, I just can't seem to get Norton Ghost 15 to accept my regestration key, oh well at least Acronis 2010 is working. I havent firured where the system backup is, I looked in control panel but didn't see a "backup and restore" icon.

I'm on my old Vista machine right now, I did get Juno dialup to work though on 8, I spent 5 hrs at my buddy's house today conncted to his DSL highspeed.

I'm also trying to figure how/where to enter the media center code.

Also you can no longer hit f8 to start up in safe mode, you have to go to the msconfig and change the boot up to safe, but than to use the regular boot again you have to change it again in msconfig, man I tell ya they sure hosed up this Windows OS, no start menu, no safe boot, drivers won't install. Well anyway its on the laptop and I'll see how long it takes before I say hell with it.

Oh aleseba77 I installed that 8start menu thing, and its not exactly like W7 but it does work.

and wtf is a charms bar?
mmm i cant help you the way i like because you did the in place install and i did the clean install, maybe its different

i used this page, and i have followed the instructions in there Windows 8 Upgrade Instructions | HP® Official Site | HP

i didnt try the start menú, i didnt missed so much LOL

and i read somewhere that Windows 8 its not very friendly with certainly antivirus, you have to use the one that offers Windows in the store... i installed avast