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    Windows 7

    Hi, I have given up completely on Windows 8. I hate it. I only have Windows office and a few games on it everything else is default just defender. I have done 4 refresh installs and two clean installs.
    Worked ok for a week and now my apps stop responding, I try to un install one and event viewer fills up with critical errors, I have reset all permissions, the same.
    Anyway, apart from a lot of trouble I have never hated any operating system this much (since windows 3)
    My question is do I now have to buy windows 7 again?
    Microsoft support just sends me round in circles, and the guy on chat pretty much said wait for sp1 lol.
    Anyway to revert back or did my license key for 7 die when I downgraded to 8?

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    I have a hard time believing your system just self-destructs on its own. I've not seen this behavior in any of the dozens of systems I've installed or used, which tells me you are probably doing something to break it.. most likely without even realizing that's what you're doing.

    As an example, when Windows 8 first came out, a lot of people broke their systems by trying to use various "tuneup" utilities that were made for Windows 7, like cCleaner and these essentially messed up their systems. (cCleaner has now, I think, been fixed.. but i'm not totally sure). Essentially, people were doing things they used to do in 7, and those things were no loner compatible with 8 and thus it ended up breaking things (turning off UAC was another big one).

    To answer your question, legally your license has been upgraded, and your old license is no longer valid. In reality, the old key is not disabled and you can still install 7.
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    i've seen a couple of windows 8 laptops come in to my shop like that, had to just reset them as they were broken beyond words, how they managed that much damage in such a short space of time is beyond me, that was the week after win 8 came out.

    I could be wrong but i do believe that even though you have upgraded the licence should work, just as long as windows 8 isn't active or installed on anything else, you can run one of them but not both is basicly the way to go about it.

    now reinstall the o/s and nothing else see what happens, you now need to find out if one of the programs you installed is what caused this issue.

    or it could just be an update that broke it, seems to be happening a lot.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Question, did you do an upgrade installation over Windows 7?
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    cheers guys. The first time it fell over was after about three days, I put this down to upgrading over 7. I clean installed, worked fine for a week then lost my account and would only log me into a look only account. Sfc /scaanow found loads of problems but could not fix anything.
    I use no system cleaners. the only software installed was office home and student 2010 and outlook 2010 both 64 bit.
    Only drivers installed were from windows update.
    Only other software that was actually installed but .net framework (my games are on another drive)
    I ran the compatibility assistant it's only gripe was motherboard did not support safe boot.
    I can only assume my system is too old, I built it 6 years ago and have upgraded the cpu and gpu.
    Windows 8 just develops problems, very different ones after about 4 or five days, which usually leaves it useless.
    The last time I could not do anything, the rescue disk just locked up, all repair options failed, and the really annoying part is you do not know they have failed because the only sign of progress is a stupid collection of balls swirling round and round.
    I will try my seven key.
    Thanks for the advice.
    This is my pc:
    MSI Diamond 790 gx
    amd 1090T
    4x2 gig ddr2 ( the system is overclocked quite heavily with fsb, maybe this is the problem however it can run memtest for a week and works fine with xp and 7. CPU is 4.2 ~4.5 with turbo ram runs 1248.
    samsung F1
    thermaltake 850 watt.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    More overclocking... Yes, that is most likely the problem. The problem with overclocking, as you say "quite heavily", is that subtle failures can occur, and those failures can end up corrupting your filesystem (because the filesystem is read into memory, and if memory becomes corrupt and gets rewritten, your disk becomes corrupt).

    We just went through this discussion in another thread, just because it seems to work in XP or 7 doesn't mean it wasn't failing in a non-noticeable way, but in the new OS that failure occurs in a different place which is affecting you.
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    Rolling back to 7 it is then. System has been rock solid for 6 years, it's pretty much a push button overclock on the motherboard, so everything is raised in sync.
    Turning off the overclock would be like reverting to my previous ten year old pc.
    Windows performance does not see the overclock, so I guess this is correct.
    It is mainly a gaming pc that has recently become a smart phone I really miss 7 to be honest!
    Thanks again.
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