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computer reloading everything every 1-1.5 minutes

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    computer reloading everything every 1-1.5 minutes

    Desktop blinks and all files on desktop dissapear and then load again, and if I am typing words are gone and so is page I was on. You can also hear the disk drive go on and off. It interrupts everything.

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    Sounds like your graphics driver is crashing.. Usually there's a notification when this happens though.
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    so basicly it exits everything your doing and kicks you back to your desktop, weird...

    i just explained this in other words for more experienced users as i personally dont have an answer to this
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    a good way to find out is (if you have it) to take another graphic card and install this in the problem computer.
    But can also be power loss, disk problem, etc.....

    But since you have an HP computer, do not know what is compatible.

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    I was experiencing the same problem this morning. I think it was related to the most recent Windows 8 updates. My computer was working fine last night. I restored my computer to a time before the update. I turned off automatic updates then updated manually one update at a time and it works fine now.

    I forgot to mention that I had to place my Windows 8 .iso dvd and booted from it.
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computer reloading everything every 1-1.5 minutes
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