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Laptop starts up always when opening display.

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    Laptop starts up always when opening display.

    I've just bought a Toshiba L855 with W8 factory installed. So, I'm trying to learn two things at same time, W8 and the laptop functionality. One of the details that I don't like is the automatic power on and boot up every time I open the display, regardless... may be useful for other users, but not me.
    Although there is an option to disable that Panel-open/Power-on, still does it! The "disabled" status is there, but nothing changed. It keeps starting up.
    I haven't installed anything yet to the PC until I'm really sure there is nothing wrong with the hardware, I hope is not a warranty issue.
    BTW, I have two administrator users, my wife and I. We tried disabling that power up with each user logged and still won't work.
    Any guidance will be appreciated.


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    That may be related to the new Fast Startup/Hybrid Boot functionality. You'll likely have to play around with your power options and disable hibernate or sleep mode. Maybe even turn off fast Startup. I don't have a laptop with Windows 8 on it so I can't be more specific. I'm just trying to maybe point you in the right direction.
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    Hello again,
    Well, it looks like it's improving. The power-up when opening still there, but only when I shut down from the windows desktop. If I try a button power-off (holding the power button five seconds) then power/lid-opening condition is obeyed. I couldn' find the fast startup option you mentioned in the power managing menu, where is it?
    Thanks again,
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    Never mind, just found it. Will let you know final outcome.
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    In your first case, it's not really powering on/off, it's just going to sleep and you have some setting that says to wake up when the cover is opened. If you press and hold the power button, that's a hard turn off, so a different scenario and it won't 'turn on' when the lid is opened. Sounds like you found the "wake on lid open" setting...
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    No, don't press and hold the power button. If your computer is configured to sleep and you want to shut it down, then you need to use the software shutdown. WinKey+I, in the lower right is a power button, click that and choose shutdown. Alternatively, ctrl-alt-del and in the lower right click the power button.
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    You should be able to configure what the power button does when you press it momentarily if you look in your power options. I agree with Mystere, you should not press and hold the power button except as a last resort if everything is locked up and nothing else revives it.

    Snippet from my Windows 7 machine:

    Click image for larger version
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    Agree, typically I don't do that.
    Let me dig more into those power up settings (there is a bunch in the laptop menu that maybe there is still some enabled). For some reason the laptop insists in powering on as soon as I open the lid, even with the "power on/open lid" disabled, and even after shutting the laptop down using the windows desktop button... Kind of anoying, I fee like forcing the hardware to work every time it's open, my concern is that HDD life will be reduced. Next step might be to disable the Fast Startup option and see how it goes.
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    Mystery solved.
    I disabled the Fast Startup feature and also disabled any kind of sleep or hibernating setup in the numerous hardare options listed.
    Now it works nicely. No issues when opening the lid. The laptop won't start by itself anymore.

    One last change was to enable the power button to shutdown when pressed (momentarily) as an alternate option to the desktop icon, so now have two safe ways to turn the laptop off.
    Thanks a lot for your guidance!
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Laptop starts up always when opening display.
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