Hi, I hope someone can help. I have an Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop that was originally Vista but now is running 8 pro.

The problem I have is that every time I turn on my laptop I have no icon on either my caps lock or wireless.

I must admit this problem is not totally new since I've upgraded to 8 pro, it used to happen approx 3-4 times a year when running Vista.

All I used to do was download Dell driver R197947.ex (Quickset driver), then everything would be fine for 3-4 months.

But now it is happening every time i use my laptop although if I download the above driver it is fine until I use my laptop again, and then both icons are missing again.

Both caps lock and the wireless key still function perfectly well,but with out icons to indicate their present status.

All ideas and comments welcome.

Regards Dominic