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Will the Real re-named Metro name please stand up

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    Will the Real re-named Metro name please stand up

    I find this funny. I have come across no less than 3 different names people claim the Metro thing was renamed to.

    They are:

    1) Windows 8 Application - Metro renamed to "Windows 8 Application" - Software News - nsane.forums

    2) Windows Store App - Metro Renamed Something Stupid --

    3) Windows 8 UI - Microsoft?s Metro UI renamed Windows 8 UI

    Will the real renamed Metro name please stand up?

    It's funny cus you know.. Everybody is still calling this thing Metro.

    I'm not gonna ask what you guys think the official name is.. I just call it Ugly.

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    Does it matter? The only reason Microsoft changed the name was to head off a lawsuit. What we call it personally makes no difference.
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    Well I think it matters because 1) it's funny and 2) it's tragic. On the funny side seems lots of people really have no clue that the interface is now called. On the tragic side; SurfCast saw an opportunity to make money in my opinion. I'm sure they thought MS would settle out of court for a large chunk of change while allowing MS use of the Metro name. They were the big losers because MS decided to change the name instead of give up some cash either to fight this or to settle out of court. But the jokes on SurfCast because tons of people will always use the name Metro even though it's not official.
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    The only other name I've heard is Modern, as in Modern Interface.
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    Personally, I'd like to know if it has a real name. I recognized that I was incorrectly calling it Metro, but didn't have a better term.
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    I think Microsoft simply expects everyone to call it Metro. Just that they can't officially call it Metro.
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    I don't think anyone at Microsoft knows the new name. I have heard Modern UI and Windows UI.
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    I don't believe it was ever confirmed that the Metro Supermarket chain had threatened MS over this name. The foundation for the rumour seems to have originated from a BBC news item. There are so many conflicting, and similar, names in the modern world, that I doubt that such a large concern as Metro, would be interested in taking up a lawsuit.
    In the eyes of the legal services, this would be an excuse for relatively unknown, small companies, in the third world, to copyright names and open a whole can of worms, not for MS alone, but for every conceivable company name in the world.
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    Maybe it should be called "the beautiful new start screen" interface.
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Will the Real re-named Metro name please stand up
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