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How do you close XBox Video application?

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    How do you close XBox Video application?

    I really feel like an idiot (but my wife came over and made me feel better -- we're a couple of idiots).

    I doubleclicked on an MP4 to play it (from Explorer) and this XBox Video thing came up and played it. Fine, looks like a nice player. But when I stopped it wanted to exit the application -- can't find a way.

    Oh, I can switch to ANOTHER application, but how the heck do I close this thing down? Yeah, I could bring up Task Manager and kill it there (I suppose -- haven't even seen if there is still Task Manager, although I assume they would not have gotten rid of that) but there MUST be a simple way to close out an app, right?

    (If not I'm going to remove that app and make sure I never accidentally bring it up again).

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    Alt-F4 still works, as it always has to close apps. You can also move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen until it turns into a hand, then click and drag the windows down to the bottom of the screen and it will disappear.

    Additional methods include moving the mouse pointer the top left corner, until the list of running apps shows up, then right clicking on the one you want to close and choose close. And of course task manager, which is much improved in Windows 8. If you have a touch interface, you can also use a swipe.

    You may want to consider getting the free e-book.

    Dell | Windows 8 for Dummies E-book
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    Great! Thanks!

    Moving the app to the bottom feels "right" -- like with my iPad (where I swipe up to reveal running apps that I can close).

    I'll get the book, as I'm pretty obvious the target audience <g>.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkelley View Post
    Great! Thanks!

    Moving the app to the bottom feels "right" -- like with my iPad (where I swipe up to reveal running apps that I can close).

    I'll get the book, as I'm pretty obvious the target audience <g>.
    Even easier "gesture" would be moving your mouse to the top left and right click on the app tile you want to close. You'll notice popup menu and the quit/close option.

    Of course the easiest way to close the app is still Alt+F4 as Mystere mentioned earlier.
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    That top left thing doesn't seem to work well for me -- it doesn't always appear (but perhaps that's because I'm mostly in desktop mode and so far at least only have one metro app running). But I'll keep it in mind.

    I'm not at all fond of Alt-F4, as my function keys are very small and hard to press correctly (so I tend to stay away from anything that needs them).
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How do you close XBox Video application?
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