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Multiple Windows 8 problems

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    Windows 8

    Multiple Windows 8 problems

    O/S W8 upgrade from W7 Pentium (R)Dual Core 2.10GHz 64 bit
    Been searching and trying to find answers or right place to post this, so apologies in advance
    Since upgrading to W8 from W7 and following all pre-install advice, pretty sure I got it right, I just seem to be hitting one brick wall after another.
    I've had to do one Restore already to overcome issues, caused by Update won't install.
    My current problems that I can't find answers too
    1. Restart does not work, I have to resort to disconnecting power.
    2. Adobe Reader (11) not responding, self repair didn't work, uninstalled, although download/s successful I now have 4 programs/updates that will not open/install. A problem I first had on instillation but a W8 update seemed to correct that
    3. Outlook (Office 2007) message download so slow as to be unusable.
    4. KB976002 won't install but as it's to comply with a EU directive it doesn't bother me, just the fact that it won't install and none of Windows fixes appear to work and as they seemed to cause the problems requiring Restore rather it'd just disappear
    Help please

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    If there too many problems why not save your files (docs, pics, videos, install packages e.t.c) on external drive and then format and install fresh.
    I suspect registry is not in best shape and maybe some installed program is also creating problems ?

    If you start a fresh install do not install additional programs in one go - better make restore points after every new program installation and see if system is still functioning well so you could restore easily to previous state if problems appear.
    Deinstallation for some programs is simply not possible (they don't care about real deinstallation) - they leave traces in registry and in system directories so over time system is getting slower and bigger.
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    It sucks and a lot of people don't want or like to do it, but a clean install may save you some frustration in the end. Upgrade installs sound like a good idea but more often than not something gets mucked up in the process. You could spend a lot of time trying to sort it out and only end up giving yourself a big headache. I suspect drivers issues are causing the shut down problem. Just an educated guess on my part. If you are determined to try and fix it, I'd update my drivers, Windows 8 drivers if you can find them. If you open up the reliability monitor that may show you some info to get a clue as to what's going on.
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    Here about some options built into Win8 besides format and clean install. They assume you have an install DVD or some other appropriate install medium (see below). If something works for you, then I'd put off installing any updates for an extended period--i.e., until problems with current updates are countered.

    Startup to installer DVD or other install medium.;
    Choose language, etc.
    Hit next
    Choose “Repair your computer”
    Choose “Troubleshoot” to see these options:
    “Refresh your PC
    Reset your PC
    Advanced options”--Choosing this option gives these additional options:
    “System Restore
    System Image Recovery
    Automatic Repair
    Command Prompt”

    Refresh your PC—Attempts to solve system related problems without affecting your files (system is reinstalled). Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided. Settings will be changed back to defaults. To do a refresh, you will need to have install media.” ”Install media” include an install disc, or course, an ISO, a flash drive set up to install.

    Reset your PC—Removes everything and reinstalls Win8 . To do a reset, you will need to have install media.” ”Install media” include an install disc, or course, an ISO, and perhaps a flash drive set up to install.

    System Restore—Attempts to restores your system to an earlier time assuming at least one restore point has been created. Files will be undisturbed, but applications and updates installed after the restore point will be uninstalled

    System Image Recovery—Attempts to recovers your system using a selected previously made image file

    Automatic Repair—Attempts to make repairs needed to allow Win8 to startup properly

    Command Prompt—Provides command prompt allowing additional repair options
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Multiple Windows 8 problems
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