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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    Everyone blames the GUI and just gives up there and goes off the handle. There is a lot more to Win8 then the freakin GUI.
    The user interface is the first thing that anyone sees, it's the control room that can't be avoided, therefore it is central to what makes or breaks the user experience. Very few average users have the knowledge to modify the interface with Classic Shell etc and are thus stuck with what Microsoft has deemed the way ahead. The vast majority of users are familiar with the classic desktop and are extremely frustrated by its effective removal.

    Tech heads will work around these issues, but it's not the tech heads that make up the majority of users. And it's the majority that will decide whether Windows 8 succeeds or not. Windows 8 is generally getting bad reviews and bad news travels far and wide very quickly. You only get one chance for a first impression and Microsoft has blown that chance.

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    I call foul on this one. Can anyone attest to the fact that when the iPad/iPhones first came out that they too did not have issues like this? Or crappy apps? (so, iPhones/iPad were absolutely perfect on release? No Flaws, no bad apps, no issues of any kind? BS) How long did it take for the iMe Apps to get more sophisticated. I can promise you, it was not overnight or in initial release.
    They did have a problem with there not being enough supply to meet the overwhelming demand.

    It was released with basic functionality (compared to todays iPhones) and it worked great. I have a first gen that is still working fine and is in great shape considering how old it is for a smart phone.
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    Maybe this will help explain??? How Windows 8 has more to offer, and that Win8 goes way beyond GUI.

    Browse Code - Windows Phone 8 JumpStart: Module 19 Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 Cross Platform sample in C#, C++ for Visual Studio 2012


    This solution contains a sample project that:
    •Show how to place code that is common to both platforms into a PCL (Portable Class Library)
    •Show how to abstract similar functionality behind an interface, so that both platforms can create platform-specific implementations (for example, with the Navigation Service)
    •Separate the view implementations from the business logic by using the MVVM pattern and data binding
    Once people realize what Win8 and MS are really trying to do here, it really will take the industry by storm.
    People really don't understand, and they stop at the GUI and say, f-this. If they drop that attitude and really take a look at it, then maybe we will see some progress.

    Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start: (19) Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Cross Platform Development | MVA Jump Start | Channel 9
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    Tepid - when I talk about content creation, what I mean is that the Metro application paradigm doesn't make detailed document creation easier for the user. Keyboard and mouse and some simultaneous windows work best when doing research and writing documents or even writing software. The links you cite indicate that it is a convenience for the developer to use common tools to write applications that can be adapted to tablet, phone, and PC platforms with some additional tool features to adapt them for the different paradigms. However, I would bet that a developer is spending a lot of time on the desktop side of Windows 8 to do that development work. Not the Metro side.
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    I would bet that a developer is spending a lot of time on the desktop side of Windows 8 to do that development work. Not the Metro side.
    Yeah, that's a given. We aren't talking about Dev's using Metro Apps for Development of Metro Apps and other software.

    Also note, that they don't have to be Metro Apps.
    Look at Evernote as an example.
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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista
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