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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

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    why the Windows 8 Phones don't have wi-fi ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    Lack of Multiple Windows = Memory Overload for Complex Tasks

    Summary: Hidden features, reduced discoverability, cognitive overhead from dual environments, and reduced power from a single-window UI and low information density. Too bad.
    Absolute BS, and this is what I am talking about techies should be ashamed of. They absolutely make no distinction between WinRT or Win8Pro in that article, they lump Win8 as a whole. Which nullifies the entire article as biased, no matter what they are trying to say.

    And when layman people read that one part of the article, they are instantly turned away.

    But I forget, we live in an uneducated/under-educated, iMe/Droid (sheople) society.

    I admit, MS made mis-steps with the GUI, but it's not the end of all that is in Win8. And the less educated (non-techies) rely on us techies to set the record straight. Yet, the majority of us are not and we are providing flat out false information (lying) or not giving a well rounded complete picture of the overall capabilities without bias for the gui. And that IS SHAMEFUL for a Techy.

    I can talk about the differences between iPad and Android cause I have seen them. They are toys, as is WinRT, they are specific driven OS's with limited functionality. Win8 Pro on the other hand, Smokes them all in the capabilities of what it provides, and most importantly, in a tablet form with a proper CPU, Graphics and Memory. Surface Pro, at this time provides far more than Any iPad or Android device combined, heck if we are to be honest, despite the lack of apps, WinRT is far better than those other 2.
    "And when layman people read...." Let's be honest here... As often as the weatherman is wrong, how many people run to the hardware stores to pick up 2*4's, nail down the windows (no pun intended), only to find the storm move out to sea! We're all guilty...

    Since I'm a new user here, I'll explain a little about my expertise level. I'm a software packager. I started out with computers with DOS 2.0 or so. So long ago, I don't even remember the exact version. I started building and repairing PC's when having more than 2 active com ports was unheard of and a 10mb hard drive was the size of 10 Samung 7" galaxy notes stacked on top of each other. IRQ WHAT!!!!! These days I am a Windows Installer package creator.

    That being said... I Picked up a new laptop today with Win8 on it. I've never even looked at it before. I fired it up and had this new unfamiliar screen in front of me. I started fooling around with it and it really wasn't terrible. I saw this new interface on Windows 8 and thought, "Is this it, No start menu?, ACK!!!" So the first thing I did was google, "Windows 8 start menu". WOW! F'ng incredible! Now I'm using the classic start menu. Problem 1 solved.

    Immediately after doing that, I read the thing about only having to open 1 window open at a time and instantly thought, "Wait a minute, I think I just had more than 1 window open at 1 time. Matter of fact, if you Alt-Tab, you can see exactly what windows you have open. Pressing the windows Key brings you to your desktop where you can open as many windows as you desire. WTF is that duy talking about?

    So yeah.. that report is a bit skewed. Now I haven't done much more than stream music and remotely access my work PC's via remote access but I will say this much; To me, it's not much different than Win7 and so far has actually added what appears to be a nice feature.

    Is the average person going to figure out what I was able to figure out or am I not giving the average person a little credit. So many people I know can't turn the damn thing on, let alone figure out what ALT-Tab is.

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to using this forum and hopefully learn something new and maybe help out if I can.

    A few things I've checked and so far so good... Regedit, control, appwiz.cpl, cmd.exe, etc... basic stuff, and it's all there and it all works.

    So far I'm happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    why the Windows 8 Phones don't have wi-fi ?
    Where did you get that idea? From the Lumia 920 Specs page:


    Wireless connectivity

    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • Near Field Communication
    • Wi-Fi Channel bonding
    • WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
    • Qi Wireless charging


    Exchange ActiveSync
    WLAN features

    WLAN security

    • WPA2 (AES/TKIP)
    • WPA
    • WEP
    • EAP-SIM
    • EAP-AKA
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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue8 View Post

    I can see Windows 8 being a tough sell for businesses
    LOl, he just use it for an hour an now he is an expert, lol
    LOL. Good one!

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a completely new OS is going to be a tough sell for businesses until everyone adapts. A lot of folks love W7 and are uncomfortable with W8 for now, so naturally they will stick with familiar territory, which is W7. Given the fact W7 is one of the best, if not the best, OS on the market, why wouldn't it be a tough sell for businesses early on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    why the Windows 8 Phones don't have wi-fi ?
    Where did you get that idea?
    you paranoid my friend, not all my post are anti Windows 8, I was referring to this comment

    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    There phones would hit data caps. lol

    At home or work I use the Wi-fi with my phones not the cell provider
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    I do not like that Microsoft did not put in the start menu in the desktop app, the apps most do not load or crash, many are stupid.
    I have an iPad 2 that I am typing to you right now and the apps are more superior then Microsoft apps and they do not crash as much
    I call foul on this one. Can anyone attest to the fact that when the iPad/iPhones first came out that they too did not have issues like this? Or crappy apps? (so, iPhones/iPad were absolutely perfect on release? No Flaws, no bad apps, no issues of any kind? BS) How long did it take for the iMe Apps to get more sophisticated. I can promise you, it was not overnight or in initial release.

    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    There are too many steps to do in windows 8 to find utilities and even programs
    No there isn't, you just don't know how to get around, cause you haven't been shown. This is the blind leading the blind.

    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    None of my business clients want it and I cannot even talk them into it with a clear conscience
    That proves immediate bias, what have you really tired? honestly, how much of it have you shown off? Did you load any of their software and try it out?

    I can tell you right now, my guess is No.

    "Look here is the new Start Screen. See how it puts all your icons all jacked up, and it's not easy to organize them?"
    "Yeah, that's not very good, I think I will stay away from that, what else do you have?"
    "Well, I have this over here....................

    Again, blind leading blind.

    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    On the other hand my home user clients think it is awesome, well they only suf the Internet, play games, do emails, that is about it
    Yeah, nice, they can do that on WebTV too. This means nothing.

    Go back and read my other posts on this, This is exactly the stuff I was referring to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    I call foul on this one. Can anyone attest to the fact that when the iPad/iPhones first came out that they too did not have issues like this? Or crappy apps? (so, iPhones/iPad were absolutely perfect on release? No Flaws, no bad apps, no issues of any kind? BS) How long did it take for the iMe Apps to get more sophisticated. I can promise you, it was not overnight or in initial release.
    Of course the iPhone had issues. But the analogy between an iPhone and Windows 8 is lost on me. Windows 8 isn't anything like the innovation iPhone was. The iPhone brought an arguably very user friendly integration of major features features to a phone that before you could only sort of partly get with a Blackberry and a tiny full keypad. It provided lots of functional benefits for average users that couldn't grasp it before. The fact that there were some bugs wasn't an issue because the benefit outweighed the bugs.

    Windows 8 is quite a different scenario. It doesn't add much in the way of dramatic new functional capabilities. It just adds this Metro start screen, and Metro app paradigm which making the PC act more like a giant cell phone. This works well with a few apps, but not many (e.g. detailed content creation apps). And it takes away some things the users had adapted to that worked well for them. As minute as the start menu on the desktop seems, it gives prior Windows users the impression that Microsoft is trying to force them away from something that worked well for them. And please, no analogies with horses and buggies. It's arrogant to assume that Windows 8 is all that much of an innovation. For the record, I don't hate Windows 8. I use it. I just end up on the desktop most of the time due to the type of work I do (content and software creation). Windows 8 just isn't all that. Sure it's sort of cool and different, but it takes more than that to be innovative enough to really be compelling to users in a big way.

    BTW, I like Windows 8 more than I liked Windows Vista.
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    Ok,, Content and Software Creation, then you should know what MS is trying to do with Win8, if not, you need to go find out.

    No one said anything about being innovative with GUI design, I am not a fan of the design and think they really messed up with how they could have run with this. The innovation is not the GUI, it's in the unification of the core.

    The GUI can be fixed. And I say MS does need to fix it. I am on the Desktop 98% of the time as well.

    Everyone stops at the GUI as the deciding factor. Get over it, it's not that bad.

    So you tell me, whats the difference between running RocketDock or the Like and installing something like Classic Shell?
    Nothing. And there are a lot of people out there that add their own tweeks to Windows all the time. This is nothing new.
    Aren't Google Gadgets still around?,, ahh that's no big deal..... RocjetDock,, ehn, no problem.

    "Holly geez mathelda maddness, I have to freakin do what for this lame OS?"

    I ask,,, Really?

    Everyone blames the GUI and just gives up there and goes off the handle. There is a lot more to Win8 then the freakin GUI.
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    I don't recall blaming the GUI for anything. In fact, I've said I have it, I've used it, and it's nice. It just isn't 'all that'. Just another way to organize program icons to click on in order to get the real work done. My primary claim is that Windows 8 doesn't have a lot to offer the user in terms of additional functionality. Not sure who your comments are addressed to.
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    Good discussion here...
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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista
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